Keeping It Simple with a Quick Casserole Carrier

If you are like me, you subscribe to more than one embroidery and quilting magazine and scour them all front to back when you finally get the chance. Sometimes I'm inspired by the projects in the magazines but many times I'm overwhelmed. And any time that I sit down to sew I'm likely to be in a different mood and it reflects in the project that I do. There are times I will spend days on one project trying to make it magazine "worthy".   Then again there are times I remember that I have loads of things to do and not much time so I try to find a way to keep it as simple as possible.

Now summer is here and there seems to be even more demands on my time and disruptions at every turn.  Excuse me for a second please - "No, Emma you may not water the plants inside the house with the hose!" - Sorry for the interruption.  Do you have crazy days in your lives or is it just me?  Hold on just a minute - "Anna, don't you think milk would be better than the dog's water for dunking your cookies?"  Hmm.

Anyway, these days I find myself determined, more than ever, to keeping it simple.  Here is a casserole carrier project I have made numerous times as gifts when I have to take food to a new mother, a sick friend or new neighbor.   I have embroidered them with holiday designs, fun sayings, notes of sympathy and favorite bible verses.  It is quick, easy and repurposes those old placemats in a fun way.

Casseole Carrier 1 Casseole Carrier 2

What you need:

  • Two placemats that co-ordinate
  • Two ribbon pieces about 12 inches each
  • Coordinating thread
  • Embroidery design of choice (optional but nice)

Step One:  Embroider the design.

Step Two:  Center the ribbon on inside end of each placemat and stitch into place. (I stitched a rectangle about ¾" long and just inside my width on the ribbon.)

Step Three:  Align one placemat on top of the other.  On a long end mark both sides about 3 ½" from end.  Sew from one mark all the way around to the other sewing through both placemats. (I sewed right on top of my original topstitching.)

Step Four:  Place your casserole or gift inside, tie and give it away.

 Casseole Carrier 3

Click here to download the free "Enjoy" lettering design in two sizes.

Remember, not every project has to be a masterpiece worthy of display in a magazine. It is many times more important just to show you care in whatever way your own special talents allow.  So, in spite of all the crazy days in your life keep on doing what you love to do and if the need arises Keep It Simple.

Take care,


PS  This is my newest version of classic potato salad.   I really like it so I thought I might share it this week in honor of Independence Day.

Independence Day Potato Salad

7 medium red potatoes                                      3 hard boiled eggs

2/3 cups sour cream                                           1/3 cup mayonnaise

½ tsp salt                                                          1 tsp prepared mustard

¼ tsp onion powder                                            ¼ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp pepper (or less)                                         5 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled

¼ cup celery, diced                                             ¼ cup bottled Italian salad dressing

Peel, cube and boil potatoes; drain and cool to room temperature.  Cut eggs in half and remove yolks.  Mash yolks in a medium bowl.  Stir in sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, mustard, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper.  Set aside.  Chop egg whites and celery and add to the drained potatoes.  Add bacon and Italian dressing and mix.  Fold in the mayonnaise mixture.  Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.  Serves 8.

Comments (12) -

This is one great blog!  So simple and so useful.  

I totally agree, not every piece needs to be a masterpiece.   The thought is so much more important.  

I hope people post their projects in the Gallery too!

Pat 7/4/2009 7:17:20 AM

Happyindependence Day to you too.

Thanks for the quick project, i need some quick and easy projects for our fund raiser at our quilt guild. Lorraine

Thank you for the wonderful project and yummy recipe!

marsha1113 7/4/2009 9:10:15 AM

THANKS ANN, I have been invited to a 4th of July party then fireworks, this is PERFECT for my gift to the hostess.  

Have a great 4th of July from my home to yours.

tourlady522 7/4/2009 9:21:43 AM

What a great Idea. These would sell I bet where I sell my crafts.

Must get busy and make some up.

Might just include the Potato Salad recipe too.

crafterbarbara 7/4/2009 10:03:35 AM

Great Idea!  I just might get one made up today.  Thank You.   Certainly will try the recipe for potato salad.  Is there a reason for mashing the yolk in the dressing?

Thankyou for that wonderful idea.  I've always shied away from casserole holders, mainly because I hate cooking but even I can handle this one, especially with some ME on it.

Thank you for sharing a very simple and very creative casserole dish cover.   I have seen many patterns through the years, but you can't beat this one with a stick for sure!

I also like the idea of using as "gift wrapping".  First thing that came to my mind would be an 8 x 10 framed photograph.  Great presentation.


I am glad you are all enjoying the project.  Please share your finished covers in the gallery.

Crafterbarbara, I always mash up the yolks to hide them because my girls (and now my grandaughter) say they do not like the the yolk of the hard boiled eggs.  So chop away if you want.


What a great idea!!  This is so simple and quick that giving these as gifts is a wonderful idea!  Thanks

pennydubose 7/7/2009 11:08:45 PM

How cute! I will also stuff with some good old fluff, sew all the way around and make a cute little travel pillow for the kids. Using them for a gift bag is such a good idea for those hard to wrap things, and I also think it would make a cute pj bag for overnight stays. So many things can be done with this and I thank you for getting me started with this one. Placemats are cheap and all the hard work is already done for us and all we have to do is "dress it up" with our favorite things. Thanks, hugs and blessings.

crafterbarbara 7/9/2009 10:52:16 AM

I mashed the yolk as you wrote, and we really did like the different texture.  Thank You!, now to make the hot dish carrier.  Thanks. Barbara

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