June Brides...Old and New!

Did you hear me laughing this morning?

I was reading an email from Quilter's World magazine and they were recommending that you re-purpose a wedding dress into a christening gown.  Not a bad idea, but for me that would never have worked because I had a mini-length wedding dress! I remember that it took me a long time to "come out" and share this fact with friends because all of their wedding portraits in traditional gowns.  Heck, my bridesmaid even bought a full length gown and cut it to mini-length!  After about 20 years I finally gave up the ghost and hung our wedding portrait for all to see and I was amazed to find out that I was not the only style conscious bride at the time.  There were lots of gals who had worn those minn-length gowns.   

Always wanting to create traditions and memories for my husband and sons I did find a way to re-purpose that mini-wedding dress a few years ago.  I made a ringbearer pillow for our third son's wedding.  As you can see I used the lace for the trim, the skirt for the pillow and I added some embroidery and a memory was made.    I have to admit though that I did walk around the house for several hours before I put a scissor to a dress that had sat unpreserved in a box for 36 years.  I even called my mom for permission to cut.  As I am sitting here, I am thinking that I should take the dress that now has a big hole cut in it, out of the drawer and fashion a little gift from it to give my husband on our 40th anniversary next month.    I can use my new Quattro to embroider a pretty new image and the edge sewing feature to add perfect top stitching along the edges of a new pillow.


Here is another re-purposing idea....in speaking to a friend who is going to a Crazy Quilt convention this summer, she told me that she has to bring a prom gown to "share" with others.  One of the evening functions is to lay out the gowns on tables and everyone will have the chance to take pieces of fabrics and trims for their next Crazy Quilt.  That sounds like a lot of fun to me.

duoThis past week I was filming with Martha Pullen for the next season of Sew with Martha on PBS.  We had lots of fun and it reminded me that that is what sewing is all about, making new friends and seeing the old ones.  During the taping process, people are coming and going each day so you have a chance to see lots of friends and share the new ideas and ask questions about the old ideas.  This year my project featured a pretty white blouse with panels the front that had been finished with a narrow hem and bridged with pretty decorative bridging stitches from the Quattro.


I loved using my narrow hemmer foot and managed my bridging with the adjustable blind hem foot. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun sewing my blouse last weekend. I even used my narrow hemmer to finish all of the inner seams of the blouse.  It looked so professional when I was done!  The tough part of doing this show, is that whatever you make for the show, you must leave it behind for books that they write!   

Hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget those who have served our country and those that are serving us as you read this! 

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I love the ring bearer's pillow, what a great idea!

I have such a time with my narrow hemmer foot but keep trying to use it just the same.   I will try this on my next project.


I love the pillow and now have a great Idea for the fabric left over from my and my daughters dresses.I made my wedding dres and bought extra fabric those thirty some years ago.  I kept the lace and extra trim also.  When the time came for the christening dress we used my childs grandfaters dress.  I did repurpose some of the leftovers when my daughter got married however.  She wanted me to make her dress and I used some of the lace from my dress on hers.  I saved soem of the leftovers from her dress and if I ever have the priviledge of making another for another chilld, grandchild or God willing great-grandchild I will use those scraps to continue the chain.


The ring bearer's pillow is lovely.  Taking scissors to your wedding dress must have been tense for the first few seconds!

You were not alone.  I, too, wore a mini-wedding dress; circa 1968.   Harder to admit than a mini-wedding dress, were the mini-materniity dresses which were my corporate wear!!!  


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