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Join Eileen Roche as she demonstrates her tips and techniques in stitching multiples - Streamline your prep time hoop quickly and achieve stitched perfectly matched sets flawlessly! Multi-needle machine owners – special additional presentation just for you! [More]
Cool things to make your life easier

Cool things to make your life easier

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I travel a lot and after a while people-watching gets old so I turn to reading.  I have been in a book club with 6 friends for 10 years and every month there is a new book to read...that adds up to a lot of books.  About a year ago with the green initiative in full force I decided to invest in a Kindle from Amazon.  With my new Kindle I could eliminate buying books every month and save a few trees.  It turned out that I loved only having to carry one book and of course I loved how cool I looked sitting on the beach or in an airport reading my Kindle.  It didn't take long for folks to ask me about it and soon after Christmas I began to see more and more folks reading from a Kindle on a plane!  I might add that I am seeing more and more folks knitting with bamboo needles, on planes these days as well, but that's another story.  Back to my should not be surprising to you that I was a prime candidate to upgrade to the next version the second that it came out in February.  I did and I love it even more.  I can sit at book club and with the wireless connection turned on I can download the next month's book instantly at a lower price than the big box stores.  If a friend mentions a neat book, I can even download a preview to see if I agree with her taste before I buy the book.  I have over 200,000 titles at my finger tips and I can load up my Kindle with more books and music then I could ever listen to but who cares its like fabric or can never have enough. So if you want to learn more go to for the latest info on what machines come with the limited time offer!  Trust me once you try one of these handy little devices there is no turning back.  It's like having a can't figure out how you lived without it.  A Quatro and Kindle....whew I am too cool for words! 

The next cool thing that I would love to tell you about is how much fun you can have with the Photostitch feature found on PE-Design. Brother has had this exciting feature for several years but honestly it just keeps on getting easier and easier to use!  Who doesn't have a digital camera these days?  When you are out in the garden this summer...and by the way that would be a challenge in the northeast because I think it has been raining for a zillion days now!  When I do get out into the garden I can grab a photo of one of the fabulous flowers that I planted and after I have saved the picture into my computer I can import into PE-Design and the Photostitch wizard will magically turn my pixels into stitches.  I can tweak the run pitch  and so forth but honestly there is not much to worry about. Below you can see the before and after....The bag on the left is the photo image printed on fabric and on the right we applied the fun Photostitch method.  I just love how we made a border with floral fabric and then appliqued the  photo stitched fabric to the floral fabric and then appliqued it all on to a tote. Doesn't it look cool?  I'll let you in on a secret....we covered up some advertising on the bag with the applique...gotta keep the green initiative going!  Recycle! I have done this to several bags myself! 

Well folks despite the fact that it is raining cats and dogs here I am ready to pack up my Kindle, bathing suit and dominoes and head off on vacation.  Take care and enjoy the summer! you think I will have time to make 6 cute pillowcases for my grandchildren to use on vacation....I only need to add 2 more hours to this day to get that job done!  TTFN....(who knew in 1969 we were ahead of the texting curve with our initials for things like "ta ta for now"!) 

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WOW, I do have a digital camera and hope to get PE-Design soon.  That Photostitch is great on that tote!


I recently upgraded my PE-Design from v. 6 to v 8. Now I just have to learn how to use it!!! I've experimented a little on my own & plan on taking the classes at my local Brother dealer. I CAN"T WAIT!!  Rosie

PE-Design is one of my favorite tools; I seldom leave home without it.  Can't wiat to get my hands on version 8 and Loes' v8 tutorial CD.

Will ATG be carrying Loes' v8 tutorial CD when it comes out? I think it's a "must have!"

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