Zero calorie cupcakes

When I was a little girl growing up in South Africa, Fridays were always special baking days and cupcakes were my favorite thing to bake with my mother and sister. Even better than baking the cupcakes was the frosting and decorating of them afterwards. My mother would decorate each cupcake with twirls, whirls, hearts, flowers and lots of love. It was these beautiful memories and my ongoing love affair with cupcakes that prompted the cupcake designs.

Cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

Just the thought of cupcakes makes my mouth start to water. In fact as I am writing this, I am thinking about baking some, but oooh, those calories, not so good. So after finishing writing this blog,I will continue "frosting" with threads my cupcake designs. Using the chain stitch which is an easy and rhythmical stitch, I will frost my cupcakes in pinks, reds, blues and greens.

Cupcake 3

Remember that when it comes to African Folklore Embroidery, "what ever color you choose to stitch, is the right color".  I may add some satin stitch to fill in the spaces on the cupcake holder, and perhaps even add buttons and beads for cherries and sprinkles on top. All this will make for a delcious cupcake, and does not add anything to my waist line. While there is nothing to beat the taste of a cupcake in your mouth, stitching a cupcake design, comes a close second!

I recently purchased some gorgeous cupcake fabric and stitched my frosted cupcakes onto the fabric and cut out and appliqued some of the cupcakes from the fabric onto the design. I am thinking of completing another two cupcakes and then making four into a quilt to hang in my kitchen, after all what better place to think about cupcakes. (rather there then to dream about them at night).  You will see on our website some of the new cupcake designs on an eight inch block, which comes along with needle and unique delicious threads, as well as the platter of frosted cupcakes. (12 inches)

Cupcake 4

I would love to see pictures of your completed cupcakes, so please email them to me, together we can have a cyber tea party!

wishing you a creative weekend, best leora Raikin

African Folklore Embroidery

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I particularily like the middle cupcake in the bottom row.  It looks like you may have done some quilting on that one!

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