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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - If it is good enough for Vogue and Target - - - And a freebie to decorate YOU!

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - If it is good enough for Vogue and Target - - - And a freebie to decorate YOU!

I do subscribe to HGTV's Magazine. I really love the whole magazine, especially the "High/Low List" where they show beautiful high-end items and a replica in a much less expensive form.


Since I do subscribe, I get lots of junk mail in my mailbox. However, they have sent me "Allure", "Bon Appetite" and Vogue. For a mere $5.99, Vogue will give you all the advertising you can stomach. In fact, the "Index" is on Page 50 and the "Statistics" is on Page 120. In between? Gobs of ads and a couple of articles.

Since I love a "freebie" and who doesn't? I spend a couple of hours with the magazine looking at the starved models and the clothing they wore and cars they were leaning against. What I found was that embroidery is very big. It is not only big but very tastefully placed on their items. Here are a couple of examples.


Photos Courtesy of Vogue Magazine and Target Stores.

The third photo is actually an advertisement from Target. It is available for under $20.00. I really liked the layout and design they selected.

When I found this design, I knew there was a blog in there somewhere. Inspiration is so exciting and this outfit made me feel like it was made for an elegant lady. (Well, that is my take on the photo.)

I see this as a great idea for the holidays or any other time of the year. I see this ‘see through’ top over a simple, single colored sweater.

Vogue and Target The Avid Embroiderer.zip (48.5KB)

(This design is NOT FSL)

Here is the discovery sew for this freebie. I did not have something 'see through' on hand but this fabric is lightweight polyester and has a holiday feel.  You can tell right away that I did not use the proper stabilizer. I used a medium weight tearaway but should have used something like my ever trusty Badgemaster. Badgemaster comes in 3 sizes including a sample of 2 yards by 30" (enough to do a LOT of projects because it is very wide) for less than $8.00. There are two GIANT rolls as well. When you find what a great stabilizer (for so many projects) you will be a fan - just like me.

Did you see this, free, 'Limited offer' for AnnTheGran Club?

I would love to see this, or any of my designs, on your projects. Seeing your use of my work in action would be great. Even if you just did a 'discovery sew' (aka 'sew out') I would really love that. You do test your designs before creating your project, don't you?

Have you tested your tension lately? Check here for my tension tests and suggestions for how to use them.

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I do hope that you learn a few tricks for your embroidery work. I want to be very professional and I am sure that you do as well.

Here are a couple of my Favorite Blogs:
Do as the Professionals do - community.annthegran.com/.../the-avid-embroiderer

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Tips for embroidery and cleaning that awful cookie sheet:

Thank you so much for reading my blogs. I would like to know which one is your favorite. Which one gave you the best tip ever. Or, which encouraged you to try something new.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

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