It's HOT!!!

It's HOT!!! Here in NJ it has finally passed the 90 degree it's summer for real.   

It's HOT!!! Remember that I promised that there would be great new machines introduced at the annual Brother convention?  When our dealers convened in Memphis last week they couldn't help be wowed by the new PR650 Entrepreneur 6 needle embroidery machine. Imagine combining the many of the features of the Quattro embroidery machine with what many folks think is the best stand alone embroidery machine in the business.  It is really cool!  Brother educators will be demonstrating this terrific machine all of the country in the coming weeks.  Call your local dealer today to learn more!   


It's HOT!!! Last week we got our monthly magazine from Acura and there was a tiny little article about a gal who stumbled upon a warehouse full of unused automobile upholstery.  A sewer since a young age, Kim White (  found a niche market by creating really cool handbags with her find.  Imagine this handbag gracing a 1975 AMC Gremlin. 

 I love the fact that when you buy a handbag she includes the history of the fabric.  I even found a story on the Chicago Tribune web site that you might enjoy.,0,4888047.story  Kim recently add vintage furniture fabrics to her line of handbags as well.  Cool stuff!

 It's HOT!!!  I spent 30 minutes yesterday afternoon catching up with my old friend Mary Ann from Clearwater, FL.  Every so often Mary Ann gives me a call to ask my opinion about a new Brother product  that she is interested in buying.  Mary Ann and her sister have been using PC8500's for many years.  Mary Ann is proud to say she has every Brother memory card ever made as well as PE-Design.  What a fan!  This week Mary Ann got a brochure for the Quattro NV6000D and she instantly fell in love with it.  The price was a stumbling block for a retired person but when I shared with her the new features of a NV2800D, Mary Ann felt like she could tap her savings account and move up to a larger embroidery field.  Turns out that Mary Ann has been saving a black denim jacket to add embroidery to the jacket back.  The 10 x 6"  hoop will let her do that!  She can also get a border frame to add embellishment to the tablecloths she loves to make for her friends! 

It's HOT!! More new machine news!  The NV2800D....a cool new combo machine with popular features today's embroider's love....connection marks for easy linking of embroidered designs, pivot function for quilters, and more.  The PE780D---- a cool little stand alone embroidery machine with more Disney designs, 5 x7" embroidery and a handy USB connection.  An NV1250D sewing and embroidery machine for 5 x 7" and now with Disney designs too....I personally love how cool this machine looks, it has a cute little Disney border that streams along the cover of the machine. 

A few weeks ago, we did a photo shoot for all of these machines and I couldn't believe how neat they all were. 

 Dealers at our convention were able to order these machines for August delivery so if you are interested like my friend Mary Ann is, call your local Brother dealer today.  If you are looking for a Brother dealer use the dealer locator at  

Its HOT!!!

Well friends that's all for ths week. Take care and find a way to stay cool! 


June MellingerCool


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Another great article June.  Will be crusing the Brother website for the newest additions.

Just a quick note regarding Kim White's creations for anyone interested.  My daughter owns a Kim White creation and the bag is beautiful.  Very creative young lady.


My Brother dealer is very, well, pushy and rude.  But, I wonder what the price range is for the PE780.  

I looked at Kim White, I wish I had so much talent.


junemellinger 8/14/2009 9:30:33 AM

The PE780 will retail for under $1000.  Good value that includes Disney, 5 x7 and USB....

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