The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It is not too EARLY for Christmas Gifts and a Freebie

As we all wander around the Internet, we often see something that just stops us in our tracks. You know the kind, the DIY or exciting new item hot off the production line that is sheer genius. I saw just that but did not take a moment to Bookmark it. To make matters worse, it was (I thought in Spanish), it was actually in Portuguese. I do have some limited Spanish, but Portuguese? - that was beyond me.

I found it and you are going to love it!!

Start with a small piece of gingham. I started with a quarter yard by 45" to test my skill. I do recommend your first project to be with 1" squares for simplicity and the WOW factor. Any color will do.

Leave an inch or so on the edge, I started from the right edge of the fabric. Start hand sewing, using a double thread, in one corner and moving clockwise, make tack stitches in each corner returning to the original corner. Leave a little slack between stitches.


Don't knot anything up to this point.  Take the end of the thread and pull to gather the fabric together.  As it comes to the end of the gathered thread, you will have a configuration that needs to be adjusted a little so it ends up looking like the second photo.

Secure by knotting the center of the 'petal.' I could place a small bead on the center, perhaps gluing it and it is a nice design already. However, I am going left for as many of the '4 petal' designs as I will need. The loss of length is really only a small amount over 1/2".

Be sure to make a knot the first corner on the next block. That will keep the square in between from gathering with the next petal.

This is just 6 flowers in two rows and I think it makes a very large impact. It took about 10 minutes. As noted, the author does go on further, but I am happy to stop here. I will be stopping here because I like it.

Here is the front side. I feel like this would be terrific in plain fabric and just about anything you can sew. This will become an edge on any size towel or a decoration for a table. I really can see this with some batting making a trivet. In a smaller check, how beautiful on a little girl's dress!

I will be attaching this to the bottom of a kitchen towel.  I will be placing an embroidery design, which is our Freebie for this time.

Further methods of changing this design are shown here:  ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!

Wait til you see YOUR final product using this fast (very important to everyone), fun (and it really is) and fantastic (totally!) project.

Here is this time's freebie: (495.8KB)

In light of the events in Dallas, just last night, please accept this additional freebie, you may check out the blog about it as well. While it is a repeat, it is well worth repeating. Here is the link to send to a friend, or use this:

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

Comments (2) -

To each embroiderer who reads my blog, please pass the link for this non-violent design.

I know that we are all feeling additional pain with two events happening - - at all.  Perhaps we can start a movement from the men and women of embroidery to let the world know that we want an end to the violence.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  


Sorry, I did not put the link in the above note - - - duh!


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