If You Really Want to Know . . .

I asked you all to let me know what you’d like me to tell you. Haven’t heard from anyone except Pat, so I’ll answer her questions. Maybe that will help you think of some more things you’d like me to write about. Pat asked: I would LOVE to know what types of embroidery do you... [More]

Quilting with Embroidery

My eldest favorite daughter (I also have a youngest favorite daughter) decided she wanted to make a rag quilt. They are shabby chic, typically created with muted colors, fringed all around and stitched with ragged edges showing on one side. The more they are washed, the more comfortable they become.... [More]

Napkin Ring Project For This Holiday Season

We have some great ideas on how to accessorize your holiday table with embroidery. One way is to create your very own decorative napkin rings. They are quick and easy and will take no time at all to finish. Then you can also embroider wonderful placemats, napkins, table cloths, towels, curtains, etc... [More]

Adding Sparkle to Embroidery

In the words of the late Andy Williams, "It's the most wonderful time of the year," and it's never been easier to add sparkle to embroidery designs than with hot-fix crystals. Christmas embroidery begs for embellishment. Crystals are easy to apply with a heat tool like the DalWan... [More]

Monogrammed Napkins Tutorial

Monogram a napkin for every guest at your next dinner party. It’s the perfect way to personalize a seat and makes a great party favor. MonogramIt! from Amazing Designs has numerous fonts to choose from so you can customize every napkin to match each guest’s style... [More]

What’s with Lower Case Monograms?

We are excited to have Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery share this content with you, which was originally posted on Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog: You see it everywhere today – lower case monograms catch your eye and make you wonder if it really is a ... [More]

What’s in a name?

If you remember from my last blog post, the AnnTheGran web site got its name from my AOL sign-in. I promised to tell you the story of how annthegran became my AOL sign-in. Like most stories like this it’s pretty simple and fairly silly. The year was 1994. My daughter, son-in-law and three ... [More]

AlphaTricks Tricks!

All we can say is “WOW!” We have been completely overwhelmed with everyone’s  enthusiastic response to the announcement and release of AlphaTricks! As we’ve worked with users, we’ve uncovered some common questions, as well as tips that it seems everyone would like... [More]

Keeping It Simple - Bricks and Banners

It's here again.  Already!  Halloween, apple picking, pinecones and colored leaves.  The season's fly by so quickly I can hardly keep up.  We took a trip out to the Old Town main street the other day to pick up our fall and winter spices.  It is an all cobblestone st... [More]

Learn Basic Applique

Applique has become one of my favorite techniques in machine embroidery. Designs are now so inclusive, that even the least experienced among us can easily create beautiful applique their first time out. I created a Basic Applique video showing just how easy it is using the Applique Quilting Hearts ... [More]

Tall and Skinny

     What's "Tall and Skinny"?  It's the name of my new embroidery alphabet [More]

Hello All I'm Back

Last night I was watching the Million Second Quiz on television. One of the questions, which the contestant missed by the way, was which one of several brands was not named for an actual person. The answer was Betty Crocker. That got me to wondering if AnnTheGran had been one of the choices, how man... [More]

Get Variegated!

Much like pigments of the master painters, threads create pallettes for machine embro [More]

Polka-dots, Stipple Blocks and Creativity, Oh my! Part 2

We are excited to have Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery share this content with you, which was originally posted on Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog :  If you missed Part 1, click here. I was making excellent progress this afternoon—stitching block... [More]

New Site Features

Hi All, I hope you all had a nice summer  and are perhaps looking forward to the slightly colder months. This is my favorite time of the year, not so hot and not so cold. The last time I blogged there were a few complaints about the new site, so this time round I thought that I'... [More]

Design Organizing Basics

  With so many embroidery designs available digitally, and countless free designs offered online, it helps to have a plan when it comes to organizing them all. The task can seem daunting, but getting started is really the hardest part.  Make a Structure Remember when you had to create a... [More]

Please Tie Me

     I have added a third design for the Please Tie Me page of my baby activitybook.  Someone emailed to ask whether it would be okay for her to stitcheyelets instead of setting metal eyelets in the shoe quarter.  I thought it wouldbe easier to embroider the eyelets as ... [More]

Faith, Hope, Love Hanger5

If you are attending a wedding any time soon, chances are this scripture will be included. And now a [More]

Embroidery Advisor Presents : Kids Hand Puppets Project

Dear Readers, Create this adorable hand puppet for the young kids in your life. See below for project instructions on how to make this "In the Hoop" applique hand puppet. Materials: 1 Kids Hand Puppet Embroidery Design 2 pieces of Tear Away Backing Spray Adhe... [More]
The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Suzani from Uzbekistan

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Suzani from Uzbekistan

Sometimes in the world, we hear that an area, group or faction is creating havoc, if not war. When I went to school, I always wanted to know what the native people were doing everyday in their lives, I don't want to know the casualty count or who took what city. I dislike conflict and have made an effort to read about the nearly forgotten people who live their lives as normally as possible despite what may be happening around them.

Uzbekistan is one of those places. It has been in the news because it is in the Middle East where conflict is keeps people on their toes. But, in the day-to-day lives of the natives, there is always some natural need for simple thread crafts that are so important to our well being.

The craft that is associated with this area of the world is called Suzani.  Not only is Suzani graceful, (it created from silk and cotton), it is absolutely elegant as well.

I love this hat. I can see it being used for special occasions. The silk tassel is probably the most handsome of the hat ornamental pieces.

The second and third piece bear some resemblance to the Jacobean designs we see today.

You can see some of my other blogs on the beautiful designs from around the world.  Here are just a few, there are many more.  Press "The Avid Embroiderer" at the link screen to see many others:

Chinoiserie (shēnˌwaz-rēˈ) - https://bit.ly/chinoiserie2

Sashiko (Literally, little stab) - https://bit.ly/sashiko1

Embroidery has such a rich history and entwined in so many daily events that it makes an excellent and ubiquitous fine art pursuit. 

Are you considering creating something that is just your own?  Perhaps you want to share it with us?  I am thinking about some ideas to get started - in no special order:

  • Take a current stitch and combine it with another to form a new stitch
  • Perhaps split a thread down as far as it can go and make very fine stitches
  • Use an unusual fabric/backdrop for placing some stitches
  • Take a FSL (Free Standing Lace) and fold/bend into something it was not meant to be

I will bet that some of you have something that has 'elbowed' you that you might want to proceed with.  Who knows? we may have another American Beauty embroidery stitch or design style.

This saves bacon from those who take 8 pieces of bacon and 2 pancakes. 
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