The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Suzani from Uzbekistan

Sometimes in the world, we hear that an area, group or faction is creating havoc, if not war. When I went to school, I always wanted to know what the native people were doing everyday in their lives, I don't want to know the casualty count or who took what city. I dislike conflict and have made an effort to read about the nearly forgotten people who live their lives as normally as possible despite what may be happening around them.

Uzbekistan is one of those places. It has been in the news because it is in the Middle East where conflict is keeps people on their toes. But, in the day-to-day lives of the natives, there is always some natural need for simple thread crafts that are so important to our well being.

The craft that is associated with this area of the world is called Suzani.  Not only is Suzani graceful, (it created from silk and cotton), it is absolutely elegant as well.

I love this hat. I can see it being used for special occasions. The silk tassel is probably the most handsome of the hat ornamental pieces.

The second and third piece bear some resemblance to the Jacobean designs we see today.

You can see some of my other blogs on the beautiful designs from around the world.  Here are just a few, there are many more.  Press "The Avid Embroiderer" at the link screen to see many others:

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Embroidery has such a rich history and entwined in so many daily events that it makes an excellent and ubiquitous fine art pursuit. 

Are you considering creating something that is just your own?  Perhaps you want to share it with us?  I am thinking about some ideas to get started - in no special order:

  • Take a current stitch and combine it with another to form a new stitch
  • Perhaps split a thread down as far as it can go and make very fine stitches
  • Use an unusual fabric/backdrop for placing some stitches
  • Take a FSL (Free Standing Lace) and fold/bend into something it was not meant to be

I will bet that some of you have something that has 'elbowed' you that you might want to proceed with.  Who knows? we may have another American Beauty embroidery stitch or design style.

This saves bacon from those who take 8 pieces of bacon and 2 pancakes. 
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