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Keeping It Simple – Easy Water Bottle Sling with a Simple Square Bottom

Keeping It Simple – Easy Water Bottle Sling with a Simple Square Bottom

My granddaughters are tremendously excited about attending a week long camp program at our local zoo.  They go every year and always love it.  But, as luck would have it, it is almost always one of the hottest weeks of the summer.   Everyone makes it through, learns a lot, has a blast, and begs (immediately) to do it again the following summer.  The heat is not a deterrent, but we do what we can to make it even a tiny bit more tolerable.  One way we do this is by sending reusable drinking bottles full of ice cold water.   Unfortunately, young ones who are busy making friends, visiting animals, creating masterpieces, singing songs and, well, being kids, don’t always have time to keep tabs on measly little water bottles.  So, after a few lost bottles we began making holders.  They drag them around (literally) and wear them out. So we needed new ones this year.   Each of them helped me choose fabric from the scrap stash and a design then sew a water bottle holder with shoulder strap. They were a hit!  Not a single lost water bottle and three happy, hydrated kids.

Here is what you need:

-40”x3.5” piece of cotton fabric for the strap

-2 9.5”x11.5” pieces of fabric for the front bottle holder

-tear away stabilizer

-40 wt. embroidery thread

-embroidery design of choice (download our swirl at the very bottom of the blog)


-sewing thread


-rotary cutter and or scissors

Here is what you do:

For the shoulder strap:

  1. -Fold and press the 40”x3.5” piece of fabric in half lengthwise

    -Open and fold/press the raw edges in to the center line

    -Fold in half lengthwise to make a 7/8” strap

    -Topstitch down both sides

    -Set aside


  1. Hoop the stabilizer and whichever of the 9.5”x11.5” pieces of fabric you are using as the outside of the bottle holder, making sure place the design closer to the top by 1”.


  2. Load your chosen design into your machine.


  3. Slide the hoop into your machine, center the needle and remove the embroidery design template (if using).  Embroider the design.


  4. Remove the hoop and tear away any excess stabilizer.



  5. With rights together fold the fabric in half lengthwise to measure 5.5”x9.5”.  Sew a ¼” seam down the length of your fabric to form a tube.  Press the seam open so that it is centered along the back.


  6. Zig zag ¼” along the bottom edge.


  7. Leave the tube inside out.  Put the water bottle inside.  Pull the corners, measure in 1”, mark with a diagonal line on each side and sew along each line.  Set aside. 

  8. Repeat steps 6-8 with lining fabric, except leave a 3” hole inside for turning later.

9. Leave lining inside out.  Pin strap loop on the inside so that the raw edges align with the top edge.  Zig zag along edges to secure.

10. Leave lining inside out.  Pin strap loop on the inside so that the raw edges align with the top edge.  Zig zag along edges to secure.

 11. Leave strap on inside lining.  Turn embroidered piece right side out.  Insert into lining so that right sides are together and strap is in between.  Align side seam and top raw edge and pin around the top.  Sew ¼” around. 

12.  Turn right side out through hole in the lining.  Sew lining hole closed.

13.  Push lining down inside front and top stitch around top edge.

The girls were really happy with their new bottle holders and they were so fast and easy to make.

Take care,


Green Swirl (90.8KB)

Comments (2) -

The water bottle sling is one of the most useful and successful items!  I have already made about 50 for charity fund-raisers and gifts, and they are a hit every time.  Thank you for this fabulous idea!

I so agree with catowens. Doing these for Charity is one great way to be supporting a worthy charity and show off your abilities as an embroiderer.

I might even place a tag on the inside of the holder indicating my name and URL for my website!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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