Freestanding GlitterFlex Valentine

Add some shimmer and shine to this applique Valentine. You can whip it up at the last minute and the design is half-off!

With three layers, there is a lot of potential for stitching up some beautiful Valentines. I used Stacked Applique Hearts from Amazing Designs and made the middle layer shimmery GlitterFlex Ultra pink.

For freestanding (stand alone) applique, hoop fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer.

The first color stop is the placement stitch. That shows you where to place your bottom layer of fabric.

If you need a refresher on applique, check out this video!

Place your fabric on the stabilizer and stitch the next color stop to tack it down. You can use temporary spray adhesive or glue stick. Normally, you would trim away excess fabric close to the tack-down stitch and then stitch the satin stitch edge, but I skipped the outside satin stitches until the end.

The next color will be a placement stitch for the center heart.