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Centuries ago, monograms were very regal. The letters were hand sewn and decorated in a motif that represented the royalty and wealthy.  Those families would have a coat of arms or a design that signified their lifestyle or grandeur.  The letters were often used as a signature and appeared on coins. The artists of the Middle Ages used them to sign their work.  Eventually, a monogram became a symbol of one’s place in society.

Rules for monogramming were narrow and commonly followed the configuration as “ACB” with the center letter being the last name.  Today, the more casual use of monogramming has fewer rules and certainly not limited to fabric or coins.  To me, nothing is more elegant than a well placed letter on stationery, cuffs, a candle or anything that is not nailed down.

Here are a few of the rules I try to follow:

Rule #1 – there are no rules. . . .
Rule #2 – when the client says they want them upside down, refer to Rule #1.

The Avid Embroiderer’s Rules of Monogramming:


  • I created a new monogram recently and I am loving it a LOT!  I check out a simple design and make it the back drop for a stunning monogram.  This works best when using a lighter color for the back and deeper color for the foreground.  I was having so much fun doing these, I got carried away.



In some of the cases, like the butterfly, I had to use a design that had other items in the file but removed the other colors. 


  • The AlphabetXpress has a number of great fonts, you can find some interesting monograms there too!

When you have a minute to yourself and want to read more ideas and tips, please do check these out:

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. 



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