The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Bobbin Tip, Bibbide, Bobbide, Boo

When people have 'tips and tricks for organizing' on the Internet, I am all on it.  Some are so strange that I am not sure that a gremlin is typing and laughing all the way.  But I know that with all the great uses for the Binder Clips, whomever created them is laughing all the way to the bank.

If you remember, some of my Organization Tips, I used binder clips and straws to create places to keep those small things that get to be everywhere! 

But those darned threads, I have tried the small clips and ponytail holders.  The clips, IMHO were crimping the thread - an absolute NO-NO!  The ponytail holders covered up the color of the spool.

One of the responses in my blog (link above) described how to hold the stray strings from your bobbins.  I just got around to trying her suggestion and was totally bowled over on how inexpensive and easy it was to do.

You will need:
3 feet of PVC clear 3/4" hose (about $4.00)
an Exacto knife
messy bobbins

The PVC hose cuts easier if it is warm.