The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Cary Grant without a tie??? On Mother's Day???

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Cary Grant without a tie??? On Mother's Day???

One has a very difficult time imagining Cary Grant without a tie.  Off hand, I cannot think of a movie where he did not wear a tie.  Anyone know of one??

Just in time for Mother's Day, a really cool man's necktie. . . . OK, it is not exactly for Mother's Day, it is more for the gentlemen who surround their mother/mother-in-law/mother by choice to wear as the Mom is celebrated at the nicest restaurant in town!! 

One year, on a holiday - I don't remember which one - my brother and I decided to take Mom out for brunch.  It was strange, but most all the restaurants were closed.  As we discussed the options available, my brother said "we may have to go to 7-11 for a meal."  Mom, who was about 80 at the time chimed in "I did not know 7-11 served breakfast!!"

Back to the blog, along the way, many a man has been the recipient of a tie that may not be the exact one he would chose for himself.  It may be strange, weird or just plain does not make much sense. 

Tie Photos Courtesy of  (1) Chewing and Smoking.  (2) Bowl of Green Jello  (3) Big Kahuna

I cannot do much about those, but I can take a plain tie and make it just for him.  I will use a plain tie for this experiment.

From the back side, I checked to see what was in the sewing of this tie.  There was a short, silky lining and a coarse length of backing for keeping the tie in place. 


Just a little stitching is holding the parts together. 


Opening up with area was easier than I thought.  However, I don't really know what the quality of this tie actually is, but with very little to remove, it was fast and simple.

As you know, I don't quilt and did not have batting for this project.  My objective was to have a monogram that was stuffed.  What I had was Styrofoam that is used with computer parts.  It is soft, but on the stiff side. 

I just got my mini-hoop recently.  I have been struggling with my 4" by 4" (100 mm by 100 mm) but small things tend to be difficult in such a large hoop.  My monogram is 28 mm by 30 mm (just a little over 1" by 1") and I want to be sure it lands where I want it.

I would have done this in a French Blue, matching the tie, but I wanted you to see the finished project. 

The Styrofoam did not work well in this case. 

The next time I do this one, I am going to make the monogram smaller and do it on the very edge of the tie just like these hankies.  You need experience and good equipment to do this type of work. 

Photo Courtesy of EmbroiderybyLinda.

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I know that it is too late for Mother's Day this year, but I just love this sewing machine and clock pendant with a 28" chain.  Click on the photo to take you to the necklace.  Under $20, this is one fun and thoughtful gift.

Here is a tip that I know will help me.  I am always looking for things.  The suggestion is to place the item back in the first place you looked.  That just makes sense.  Now I have to find some things so I can place them. . . .

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