The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It's time for shamrocks and wearing 'o the green. Interesting Freebie you are going to want to sew out.

As the USA is buried in snow and very cold weather, here in Surprise Arizona, it was 72 degrees today (2/16/21). 

People sometimes wonder how this name came into being. The first settlers figured it was such a hot, dry, and barren place, they would be 'surprised' if anyone settled here. Well, there were 30,848 people at the 2000 census count. The city's population rose to 117,517 at the 2010 census, an increase of 281%. And yes. it is still hot, dry, and barren (well, not so barren, Walmart is here!)

I have been working on a different stitch on my digitizing software. It is called a "carving stitch." it creates an outline of simple symbols.

In the flavor of the month, I am doing a shamrock for placement on a design of your choosing. You could also do a monogram or words to someone special and include my design. It can stand alone if you prefer. 

NOTE: Your machine/software may indicate an "X" amount of time for this design. You will likely need about 2 to 3 times the noted number. i.e., a 15-minute estimate will be closer to 30 to 45 minutes. That is because the stitch to create the special effect takes a short amount of time to actually make. 

Additionally, I placed 4 pieces of 'fill type fabric/scraps' and covered it with a pinned-down topping stabilizer just before the machine started the second layer (there is no stop at that point, I was watching for it). It gave the design a little puffiness for a greater effect. 

Smaller version of the shamrock 4x4. This is 1.5x1.5

I also have been doing some applique and cutwork. I thought you might like to see this simple tip. I used the lint roller and it filled up quickly!   

Keep warm (and if you are reading this in July, keep comfortable). Thank you for taking time to check my blog out. It is a labor of love for me! 

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susan-david 2/20/2021 10:04:19 AM

Lush and perfect to put on something for my expected grandchild who will be born in Ireland this summer. Where can I find it? Excited to see more of this!

thecomputerist 2/20/2021 12:40:41 PM

Susan-david - I had planned to place an additional 1.5" (38mm) copy of this design but ran out of time. Please do return later today for that size as well. A newborn would be overwhelmed with this 4x4" (100mmx100mm) size. I want that little one to be the best-dressed baby around!

For more fun, check this blog and its freebie:  You can avoid the writing for placement of your selection.

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