The Avid Embroiderer - What a tangled web we weave - - -

When first we practice to adjust an embroidery design.

I have a very complex design that is extremely popular at my sales site. It is a wall hanging for newlyweds and so easy to give!  Everyone not only wants the design, but they want it to be so personalized that it becomes difficult to work with.  Additionally, I find the design to have digitizing issues that are not normally found in other designs.  You can see a couple of issues from that same design here.

Recently, someone asked me to remove a section and it appeared to be no problem.  I just needed to remove that particular color.  RIGHT, NO PROBLEM.  Well, it also removed parts that should not have been removed.  Well, I thought I was so smart by eliminating that group of stitches - NO WAY.

I got to thinking of how I would do a newlywed design without some of the problem elements so that I could make a new design that is more flexible.  Here is what happened. 

I found this S'mores Couple and had to laugh.  They are adorable and the wedding wall hanging could say something like "I love you S'mores"  The couple are available right her at AnnTheGran.  You would not believe all the fun characters are available for Marshmallows!!  There are pages after pages on fun marshmallow people, check them out for a laugh or two -  -  Doctor?? yes, Newborn?? yes, and so many hilarious others.  Don't forget to put their names and wedding date on the bottom of the design you select. Add flowers and/or a frame and you have a unique gift sure to have people talking!

I loved these two skeletons, I would say something like - "Til Death Do Us Part" for a caption and include the names and date of wedding.  How cool!  I might put a daisy or two at the bottom (pushing up daisys?) 

These are free, and you can have many more if you have your Ann's Club Membership.

I could not resist these two - and they are free!


But I settled on this one for an important someone on their upcoming 10th Anniversary.  I think it is very nice.  The Bear Couple are a freebie but the frame is an applique that I have had for a very long time.  I am going to sew this one very soon.

I hope you like it too.  If you have any input, I really love to get comments.  Perhaps you have or will be making something for a couple in your life.  Let us see it. 

Simple tip - I never remember if I have mustard and then end up with 3 bottles of mustard.  I will do this from now on!!

Geeze, how easy is that?

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