The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It is almost Valentine's Day❣❣

It is that time again - Valentine's Day.  It could be all the other holidays, but this one is for romance.  I think romance and loving others should be a daily event, but just the same, I am putting together a little romantic item of my own.

Additionally, my artistic side has been urging me to get out my paint and brushes to do something on paper, canvas or fabric - take my pick.  I picked fabric that happens to be canvas, it is a tote. 

Paint is my chosen mixed media today with embroidery being the base.  Since beauty is in the eye of you know who - I figure I can make something loveable. 

I am starting with "outline" style designs.  I want to create the idea and then use the paint to do something else with it.  I don't see the entire design yet, but I will when it finds me.  One idea was to paint the inside and another was to paint around the edge of the design with the paint coming away from the design.

I also think that you don't need to embroider the monograms/initials, you could get a sew/iron initials for doing it as well.  (Click on the picture to go to the design- It is a Freebie)


 (Freebie too!)


I fell in love with this horse design.  I think I am going to combine him with the cloud (beneath him) creating a dream sequence for the horse.  I just need the right project for this idea.

This project would be so cool on denim or 100 of the other fabrics that make dreaming of new ideas so much fun.  In this case, I absolutely will be doing a 'discovery sew' aka 'sew out' because I need to discover how the design looks and how the paint will make it or break it.  During that 'discovery sew,' I determined that using a very watered down paint was the most usable.  Just having some paint in the cap and a little water was perfect.

Here is my project upon completion of the embroidery portion.  I am happy with the results.  It gives the feeling sunshine on the loving relationship. 

Both of my ideas for painting are done. Both truly look better in person. However, I like the one without paint.  Sometimes less really is more.