The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Knock it OFF!

One of the most prevalent things I am seeing in today’s media is how everyone is trying to out-do everyone else with their clothing, hair and every facet of their lives. So, knocking off a great idea is, therefore, the logical (??) next step. 

I have always enjoyed some of the things that Urban Outfitters have, they are too young for me, but I think they can be fab! UO noticed that same thing, their buyers were getting more grown up and wanted something more sophisticated. 

 Enter, Anthropologie, the big sister to UO. I read somewhere that they cater to the $200K annual income group. My computer took a dump and I cannot find that stat, but I do know that I don’t fit into that set. But that does not mean that I don’t want to have wonderful, hip items. 

 Here are some of the items that must have a pedigree, because they want $330+ for the three pieces. 

These appear to be in velveteen or perhaps microfiber.  The square is 12” and the rectangle is about 6” by 15” (they noted it was 12” by 27” but I think that is not correct.) . You can buy them here.  

Or you can get this very nice design pack from Great Notions called “Heirlooms”.
And create your own, beautiful pillows. These are just two of the romantic and classic designs.  They are both from that collection and called Floral Emblem.


With the whole pack, you will be creating pillows and wall hangings for your complete bedroom or living room décor.
Here are just a couple other items that could be done with your skills for a lot less. The left photo is from Anthropologie, the right photo is a DIY knock off.

Inspiration is everywhere, don’t you think? 

Here is a computer tip for this time:
When you need to copy words or photos and the entire group is on the long side, do this:
At the first point (the first letter or just before the first photo), do a left click on mouse or your device and select just a few letters or a whole photo.  Release the mouse and using your arrow down feature (right of screen or on the keypad), arrow down to the very last point.  Before clicking the last point, press and hold your shift key and left click.  You will see everything is highlighted. This will take in all the information from your first point to the last.  Select copy or cut or whatever you want to do.  
And, as a bonus, if you missed the exact last point, press and hold the shift again and using keyboard arrow, arrow to where you want to be.  

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