Stable-Batt Stabilizer + Batting = Free Shipping

It is a genius combination: Stabilizer and batting all in one product. Bosal Stable-Batt is wonderful for quilted in-the-hoop products and you can get free shipping until 5/20.

I recently had the opportunity to try Bosal Stable-Batt. The dense foam stitches beautifully and is encased in a medium-weight stabilizer. It doesn’t shrink, there are no fuzzies like some traditional battings, and is available here in sizes from 5 yards to 30 yards.

Stable-Batt works particularly well for quilted and in-the-hoop projects that need a bit of support, like bags, wall hangings, and table runners. Quilt blocks can also be embroidered using Stable-Batt.

A magnetic hoop like the Snap Hoop Monster works extremely well when stitching with Stable-Batt or a similar “battilizer.” To use a traditional hoop, just hoop your fabric and float the Stable-Batt under the hoop. Attach the Stable-Batt to the fabric with a basting stitch.

The silicone DIME Hoop Mat helps keep the Snap Hoop Monster from sliding around while you hoop your project.

Debbie SewBlest

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