The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A Few Tips for Newbies and Seasoned Embroiderers. The Freebie is just for YOU!

There are always room for a few little tips and/or tricks to make your project a step up from average to much more professional results.  Remember: Green shows specific embroidery tips. 

  • If you want to create outstanding words or highlight a particular item on your project, set up two spools of your thread color (or two different colors), and put them through the thread track all the way to and through the needles' eye. If you are having trouble threading the two threads into the needle, dunk them, together, in water. Then pinch them together to make it easy to thread.   
  • With larger hoops, you create a felt collar. Keeps the longer side, most likely to slip, from moving.  
  • Make sure to baste around the design. If it’s a tight fit to your hoop, you can baste inside your design. If it’s covered by the stitches, no problem. If it is not hidden by the design, simply remove those that are seen. Don’t forget to make your basting stitches around 1/4” or 6mm.
  • If you need to stabilize but entirely whisk it away, use heat-away from Sulky. Press the stabilizer side, and iron with a layer of aluminum foil on the stabilizer to melt it away. The foil will prevent damage to the iron. And, currently, stabilizers are being shipped at NO CHARGE

I tried to find an 'antique embroidery machine' and this is what I found. It is not a unit that could be bought, it is someone's attempt to convert the machine. In the lower-left corner, I believe that is a USB connection. 


I am dreaming of a perfect world and - 

Here are the three samples, 

#1 is two colors, rose, and turquoise. This combo in any colors would be great for things like grass, skin tone, or the sky. The big benefit, there won't be any lines as with variegated thread. 
#2 is a single color in the rose. It is the way most wording is handled.
#3 is a single color with two threads at the same time. You can see that it is more like 'bold' than the usual lettering. 

Thank you so much for joining me today. Each of you inspire me in so many different ways, especially when you take the time to comment. Enjoy the Freebie!

Comments (4) -

Thank you for the sample showing the thread variations. I recently read about this two-spool technique on Facebook, but it was used with a flower. I wouldn’t have thought of using it with text, but it looks great!

Hello Daisy (love that name!)
I did not see this on Facebook but it is a great idea for any time you want a little bolder look.

It is terrific when I get a Comment because it just makes my day so much brighter.

I have been doing this blog for a long time, I think it started in May 2008. Once in a while, I have trouble finding a topic, but that is actually rare. I get excited about my projects and hope you do as well. My next blog is about throw pillows. But you will have to check it out in 2 weeks.
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I have been thinking about the two threads, and want to share that if the colors are significantly contrasting, you will be getting something that you may be able to identify. i.e., black and white do not make gray in this case.  

However, if you use two colors that are just a little contrasting, i.e., red and pink, the subtlety will be hinting at two colors. So, whatever you get won't be flashing. I really like combining colors. The ideas are endless!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Hm! I thought I clicked the box to be notified about follow-up comments, but I didn’t get receive anything. Anyway, I haven’t tried embroidering with two threads yet because my sewing room is a mess. 😳 Must! Get! Organized! But first, a little snack while I read your next blog post… 😜

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