Bunny Butt in the Posies

This adorable design makes the perfect accent to a floral display or wreath. You can even make ornaments to hang. Easter Applique Too Bunny Tail from BunnyCup Embroidery comes in four sizes and it is on sale right now for just .99.

I stitched the 4x4 size in the freestanding applique technique and used fleece for the fabric.

The design has six color stops, four of which that are for applique placement and tack-down stitches.

Hoop a fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer. Stitch color 1, the placement stitch for the bunny fabric. Secure the fleece over the placement stitches, top with a water-soluble or heat-away topping, and run color 2 to tack it down.

Remove the hoop from the machine and trim the fleece and topper close to the stitch line. Reattach the hoop and stitch the toes. For this small size, I skipped the applique and just satin stitched the pink toes.