The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A little 3D for an interesting touch.

I have always loved the 'boxed frames' where you can put small items into the frame for hanging.  I especially like to place mementos into the frame to remember a great trip or just an ordinary day.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest (where else??) and Rachel Ray

I wanted to do a simple floral for this project.  I was thinking about Mother's Day coming up, and any time you want to give of your talents and heart.  I also see this as a wonderful little girl design for her room.  I can also see a boy's design with a fire truck or airplane (this is too sexist) and even a great garden piece for that boy.

For this project, I wanted to select something really simple.  I did have an old design that was nothing more than an outline of a branch with flowers on it.