The Avid Embroiderer Presents - When is the Alphabet, not really the Alphabet? And a Freebie you will LOVE!

I remember when I started to do machine embroidery, I did not understand "lettering" and the differences between a "font", a "letter", and a "monogram."  In life's nomenclature, those are rather similar.

Simply put, these three things have different jobs in embroidering. When you purchase (as I did in the beginning) it could be money not well spent. Who needs that??

Fonts: These are generally a proprietary group that work only with a particular software. For instance, AnnTheGran has its own font software, Alphabet Xpress that has 50 fonts from which to choose. The original fonts that come with the software are very usable. However, the fonts do not work with other software. Likewise for other software products for fonts.

These, that are incorporated into software can be typed on your computer in whole words, sentences and paragraphs. The wording can be left, right or centered spaced. In other words, the software does the work for you.

Lettering: Before there was software to create consecutive letters and words, there was lettering. These items are placed one at a time as was hand embroidery. A sampler that your grandmother did was created one element at a time, that is, all 26 letters had to be positioned by hand. So when that work was on the wall, any discrepancies in position would be obvious.
You cannot just 'type' lettering. In a computer style, you must place each letter at a time accurately. There may be some method of getting a straight format, but most of the computer lettering is a task that I leave to my software, and, I do use Alphabet Xpress. It is really easy to use - user friendly - a term that I don't take lightly.
Letters on your embroidery machine are a little better for laying out because the computer in your machine will make sure everything is in alignment. You still have to put words in one letter at a time. (Thank goodness for font software!!)
Some site don't make it clear which is which is a font and which is a letter style. You really need to read all the fine print. Usually the price will govern what you are getting.

Monograms:While fonts and lettering can be used as monograms, monograms are not useful as writing fonts. They are generally ornate and frequently not small enough to use in words. Monograms are consistently noted to be just monograms, but never trust that fine print.

Some monograms state that they are "not keyboard fonts." But some might not. Watch for that disclaimer. I did another Monogram Blog I hope you stop by and take a look!

I like to post this "Oops it slipped . . . from time to time. Everyone has this issue at one time or another.

Here is the Freebie for today. I am wondering if anyone is enjoying my work with the Freebies? I am still learning digitizing and as John Deer said last blog - How long does it take to learn to digitize? - - a Lifetime!!

heart love design from The Avid (50.3KB)

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate a comment or two once in awhile.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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Susans Stitches 9/9/2017 10:02:55 AM

Pat, thank you for this clarification. Well worth the time to read and print for future reference.  I do read most of your articles... just don't take the time to respond... and always learn something.

Love your name!!  In the beginning of my embroidery journey, I did buy lettering I have never used. Wasting money and time is truly bad for everyone.

I have begun cleaning out a closet and between giving to a charity and trashing, I am getting rid of about 40% of the 'stuff.' This is a waste of space as well.

Thank you so much!  I'm new to embroidery and this was very helpful!  I can't wait to try  the freebie.

Welcome to Embroidery! Whether you are New or a seasoned veteran of Embroidery there's always so much to learn.   I was very happy with this freebie idea because I felt was very interesting a different take on the heart and the word love. You can make it larger or smaller by about 20%. A small heart in the corner of a special decoration to someone special is a simple but great idea use it in various shapes and enjoy.

thecomputerist 9/11/2017 3:26:43 PM

I am a 'seasoned' embroiderer (with chocolate,  not spices).

I have learned a great deal from your blogs. I love this freebie because it stitches out in just a few seconds.

Thanks, Susan

I was thinking about what Susan Stitches. While I am now retired, I used to "request" any and all training while I was in the work force. Infact, as I was recently cleaning out a closet I saw a very large stack of "certificates of completion" for many of my adventures.

One thing that always surprised (?) me was that I always learned something, even if the subject was something I thought I knew well.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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