The Avid Embroiderer Presents: Nailed It!!!

I guess that I just have DIY in my DNA or something, but I love to try new things.  When the melted crayon pictures started showing up on the net, I was so excited.  It looked so easy. . .



Well my friends, this one has more twists and turns that a Twister Game.  First, it is not as easy as it looks (that is a given).  After so many attempts and instructions from the Net, I was not able to create one of my own.  That should not stop me from completing a great facsimile.

The steps include a heating gun that I and likely, you, don't own.  These are truly heat guns and quite unlike a hair dryer.  The heat gun gently blows air whereas, even on the lowest settings, the dryer blows an entirely too strong wind.   I would say that an artist might use that sort of gun for work that they have in progress so that makes sense for them. 

  This one is available at Amazon.  I do recall people telling me that heat guns are temper mental, probably because they might just over heat.


The next thing that they politely don't mention is that the underlying fabric/paper/canvas needs to be of a limited absorption potential.  Canvas is truly a great medium for crayon dripping because it has texture to add to the waxed  liquid but does not absorb it so much that the color/texture is soaked into the canvas.

The other piece of information is that you need a LOT OF CRAYONS.  I counted 57 crayons on the top photo, and you will need a minimum of twice that number.  For a shorter area, you need double the same color.  Since I did not manage to create this design, I can only assume double is the number.  If the crayon is doing a long distance, it could be triple. 

I laid mine out and glued it to the paper (paper is not a good background for this).  I use an iron just atop the paper on the crayon.  I thought I figured it out, but the next thing I know, the crayon slipped out of the wrapper.  Laughing at my obvious error, I figured that removal of the paper was the best idea that escaped me.

Down toward the ending drip, I suspect someone placed some ice chips to create new texture.  But I never got that far.

After all the wax has set up, place new glue on the board and set the accurate colors to match the streaks.  In the photo, it shows the word "Crayon" on top, I think I would place the color name on top instead.

During my research, I found so many cool things.  Perhaps you will enjoy doing something like these.