The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Laundry used to be fun(?) And this Freebie will look great in your laundry area!

For years, just a handful of basic materials were used to make dresses, shirts, pants, and similar kinds of fabrics. But as the industry evolved to more synthetic materials—think nylon, rayon, and polyester—it became increasingly unclear exactly how to care for each type of clothing. This especially became problematic because the clothing was made of different kinds of blended fabrics.

But the real turning point came in 1960 when the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act was passed. This law was the first to require that clothing manufacturers list exactly what kinds of materials were included in an individual item.

This design would make a great gift for so many uses, make it for your own laundry area. 

Tide-Your-Guide-to-Decoding-Laundry-Symbols.pdf (1.1MB) 
If you want to convert the pdf to a Word document, or you have some pdf documents that did not work well, check this out.  It explains how to convert and what goes wrong if you have a problem. If for any reason you may want to add notes to this document/symbols, make it into a Word document. You can make notes to yourself. 

Thanks for always stopping by, it makes me so happy when you all do! Best wishes to you and yours, and get that vaccine. It is a salute to your patriotism, family, and friends. 

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Thank you for the embroidery design and the laundry symbols decoder. I do look at the washing labels, but then I chuck everything in a cold wash & low dry, anyway. And I iron as little as possible! 😄 Just curious, but what are the three vertical white things in the embroidery design?

Hello Daisy, those are supposed to be clothespins. I know that there are multiple designs of pins, I simply chose this one.

Thank you for your question. This design will be hanging in my laundry room shortly!! I live alone but still need to do 2 or 3 loads each week.

In case you may have missed this design, I did it nearly a year ago and it is my most popular Freebie.  
Check it out, you will love it too.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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