The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Lose 12 pounds - the hard way

Well, it has been a lot of time since I last wrote a blog.  Some time in October (I have no idea when), I was feeling strange - but no specific symptoms - I asked my neighbor to take me to the Emergency Room.  Within 5 minutes of entering the door, I had no awareness for the next 2 weeks or of the fact that I had Heart and Kidney Failure. 

After Doctor Mandegar saved my life, I was placed into a medical coma and my recovery journey began.  Dates are fuzzy for me but I am finally home (with a brief relapse of Rapid Heart Rate) and doing well.  I think there were at least 6 or 7 weeks of getting through this event. 

So many of my friends here at AnnTheGran sent well wishes via cards, my family (they thoughtfully  took the time to find my son-Mike and family, Chicago resident and daughter-Missy and family, Phoenix is home)  and social media.  It may sound trite, but I wish I could thank each of you in person and that is not enough to let you know my appreciation.  They made me smile through my gray days. Thank you ❣

One thing that is clear to me about this 'event,' has been just how many times I the staff wanted blood or to get my blood pressure.  Those hospitals and Therapy Centers are COLD!!  I needed to have long sleeves and adjust them constantly. Keeping warm was a full time job, so keeping warm was important (try using an ice cube to toast a marshmallow). 

Another facet to my idea for this blog is that women tend to start asking for things like combs, brushes, makeup and other items to make them feel more like they do on a 'normal' day.  Doctor's have indicated that this 'preening' sign is a part of the recovery process and very positive.

I felt that taking a free-standing lace (FSL) design just might be something interesting and decorative.  This is not your grandmother's embroidery BUT you now have something in common and conversation about facets and techniques will be flowing.  You will be learning from each other while making a more home atmosphere for so many of the residents. 

The first item is a (somewhat) failed choker necklace that I had made.  It was not suitable for selling, but not bad at the same time for some other use.  I used a piece of baby elastic, making a loop and setting a button on the opposite side.  This can be used as a decorative cuff for any sleeve and I could make a second one for a set. 

The next item I wanted to use is also FSL.  I have several that were, again, not bad but not good.  I used a bowed ribbon to make a loop to hang on their Christmas tree or as a decoration for any place that needed a spot of color.  Not all snowflakes need to be white, having a mixture of red, white and green can be fun too.


I hope you have something to share with either a school, religious organization or health office of your choice.  Get the beauty of the FSL out for all to see.

With a nice bow, you can place an FSL on a gift like a bottle of nice wine or other general item for a great last minute gift.  There is almost always someone who will show up unexpectedly and this is a great way to be prepared.

If you are making baked goods for trade or presentation, check this out for cleaning years of cookies of yore from your baking utensils.

However you celebrate the time of year, be safe and joyous.  Each day is a gift, that is why it is called the 'present.'

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Welcome back Pat - we missed you! <3

Thank you so much!  I missed you all as well.  

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

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