Mylar Makes Every Design Pop - (Updated June 2019)

If you haven’t tried stitching with Mylar yet, you are in for a nice surprise! The subtle sparkle really makes embroidery stand out.

Purely Gates is the Mylar embroidery specialist. Not all designs will work with Mylar. Purely Gates digitizes light thread fills, just enough to hold the Mylar in place while allowing the shimmer to show through. Their adorable collection of embroidery designs is on sale for a limited time.

Not all Mylar is the same. These designs are digitized to stitch on iridescent opalescent tissue Mylar (not the same as Mylar balloons). You can get it here in sheets. It stitches beautifully and trims easily.

Iridiscent opalescent tissue Mylar takes on the embroidery thread color and adds a reflective property to embroidery designs. When you look at it, you immediately know that it is something extraordinary.

Mylar designs stitch like applique, but easier. The color change information tells you when to place the Mylar piece and, after stitching, when to tear the excess away.

These designs can be washed, dried, and pressed. See how easy it is to take your embroidery to the next level. Watch  PurelyGates Mylar Embroidery Videos in the product descriptions and catch these designs while on sale here.

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It is too bad that Mylar does not show well on the screen. In person, it is absolutely excellent!

When someone first sees the design, they cannot quite put their finger on what is different. The Mylar does its work - incognito  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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