The Best Kept Stabilizer Secret

You likely do not have this in your stabilizer stash, but it comes in quite handy for a variety of uses - heat-away stabilizer.

I've tried several brands but like the Stitch-N-Heat variety by AllStitch the best. Here are some reasons why:

  • It has a textured side that helps keep it in place when stitching.

  • It is so strong, you can use it when quilting with redwork embroidery. Hoop the heat-away, place the block on top (secured with temporary spray adhesive) and stitch your design. When done, just pull the clear stabilizer away.

  • It is perfect for freestanding applique, like these Memory Hearts - no messy tear-away stabilizer showing around the edges.
  • You don't have to use an iron to remove the stabilizer, it tears away easily. Heat-away stabilizers are typically used for embroidering on items that you do not want to hoop and can't get wet, as you would when removing water-soluble stabilizer.

  • When embroidering on fabrics that you can't hoop, like this ornament, heat-away is a great alternative to water-soluble stabilizer. Add some spray adhesive to hooped heat-away stabilizer and you have a clean surface to support your embroidery.
  • It makes the ideal surface to draw or trace designs you want to use as quilting motifs because you can see through it. Trace your design with a extra-fine permanent marker, pin it to the piece you want to quilt, and stitch along the lines. When you are done, it simply tears away.

Try it. I'm sure you will find many other uses for heat-away stabilizer!

Debbie SewBlest

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