The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Chipping away at all that clutter. My Freebie will be my new BFF.

Several years ago, I decided to go through my clothes and single out items that were in poor condition, I did not like, and/or did NOT make me feel good when I wore them. I tossed the offending clothes on the floor. When I was done, I think I had a lone night gown and two t-shirts still on hangers. I sat on the floor in disbelief and total sadness. I really hated my clothes. I subsequently began to be pickier with my purchases. Of course, there were still items that found their way into my closet. But overall, I have been doing, IMHO, better.

I am always reading articles/blogs/magazines on ‘how to tame clutter’ or ‘does this clutter make me look fat?’ (there is actually a book by that name). You know the drill.

My personal problem is that, when I decide to tackle a drawer or area, I get distracted by those items and never get to the end of the planned project. I always look at small piles of discards or donations and feel I could and should have done better.

Recently, I did see a de-cluttering tip that could and likely will work for me. I will be starting this tonight and feel really confident about it. It is almost effortless and so simple, why didn’t I think of it??

I am placing a tote bag, labeled “Donate” in my closet in a prominent place. There are so many mornings that I pass over items that I just don’t want to wear, they are gathering dust and taking up space. I will be placing items in that (good sized) bag and my decision will be final. (This I do willingly and with diligence!)

Here is my Freebie for this blog. It speaks well to the opportunity to make a small change for the better. The Freebie for this blog is a design for you to sew on a tote, old pillowcase, or whatever you have that will collect items for donation. You will keep your closet neater and help someone who just may need exactly your excellent taste in clothes.

DONATE box 4x4 9 colors 17k The Avid (381KB)

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope your clutter gets booted out of your life. 

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