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Multiple Hooping Recipe Towels

Multiple Hooping Recipe Towels

Tea towel recipe designs are on sale, but if you don't have a large hoop, don't worry. I'll show you how to hoop multiple design files with your 4x4 (100x100) hoop.

I used straight pins in this tutorial but thumb tacks work much better. Marjorie Busby has a wonderful video tutorial on multi-hoop placement for applique and her technique can be adapted for aligning multiple design crosshairs.

The large file looks like this:

Split up for the 4x4 hoop, there are five different files for the blueberry muffin towel:

Individually, they look like this:

So, how do you put them together?

Start by printing and cutting out a template for each of the files, A through E. Be sure to include the crosshairs. They are essential to placement.

Tape the templates together to create the entire design.