Embroider Buddies

I love to embroider… and there’s nothing I like to embroider more than Embroider Buddies. I make lots of them for all kinds of occasions. And they’re so easy to do. In fact, at Christmas, while having lunch at my home, a friend of mine asked me to make good on my offer to do several for her grandchildren. She wrote down each child’s name, with a specific animal Buddy beside it.

I pulled out the Buddies and some designs,  I had so much fun stitching six Buddies that afternoon – but probably not as much fun as Maria had giving them to her grandchildren.

Generally, I’m a hooper and only stick things down to self-adhesive stabilizer when necessary. But I’ve discovered that both hooping and “sticking” work great when embroidering Buddies. So, whatever your style, there’s a Buddy waiting for its turn under your needle.

Here’s how I do it.

You can hoop Buddies in 4 x 4” hoops for either traditional flat-bed single-needle machines as well as cylinder arm machines like six- and ten-needle models or the new single-needle Brother Persona or BabyLock Alliance cylinder arm machines.

You can use round hoops for these machines, as well as clamps and Fast Frames. If you have a hard time hooping in stabilizer, just hoop the Buddy and float a cutaway underneath and water-soluble topping over the top. You can even spray the water-soluble with temporary embroidery spray adhesive to hold it in place on top of the Buddy. It won’t melt the topping – who knew??

To float your Buddy, just hoop self-adhesive stabilizer in a suitable size hoop, and baste your selected Buddy to the stabilizer along with a piece of topping. After basting, the design perimeter is defined and the Buddy is embroidered pretty much like any other project. And don’t worry that the needle hurts your Buddy – they have told me it tickles ;-)

After freeing your Buddy from the hoop or sticky paper, dress him/her up with some inexpensive frills from the Dollar Store. 

Have fun – and enjoy giving your Embroider Buddy – a Best Friend for Life.

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Taking Inspiration from the Jungle

When I was younger, I was an avid reader. I would spend hours escaping into a short story or young adult book. I fondly remember The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling as a triumphant story with fun, adventure and valuable life lessons along the way.

This is a story that was full of jungle animals. Some of my favourites are the fearsome tiger named Shere Khan, the free-spirited bear named Baloo, the scatterbrained monkey Bandar-log and Hathi, the elephant leader.

The Jungle Book has been reimagined thanks to the stunning movie adaptation by Disney. They’ve brought these animals to life in such a special and real way. The movie is breaking records worldwide and sparking a love of jungle animals in a whole new generation of little ones.

Tory Tiger

With the Embroider Buddy® products we have our own jungle to inspire us. I’m pretty sure that Tory Tiger isn’t fearsome, but he sure is cute. Perhaps a child who fell in love with Shere Khan would like to snuggle a personalized tiger at night?

Billy Black Bear

Billy Black Bear has something in common with Baloo. He’s full of love and fun! His free spirit shines through in his happy little grin and beautiful eyes. 

Monty Monkey

I’m not sure if Monty Monkey is a scatterbrain like Bandar-log. I’d like to think he’s ready for adventure and some love.

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