Making Chenille

I recently created some in-the-hoop (ITH) chenille burp cloths and the technique was so easy, you could do it without the hoop.

The key is this fabulous chenille cutter. It easily slits flannel channels (much like an envelope opener) to create soft, plush chenille. 

The Olfa chenille cutter works for right- and left-handed stitchers, has several channel widths you can dial in, and the non-exposed blade is less lethal than a traditional rotary cutter.

Start with hooped fibrous WSS. As with most ITH designs, the first stitch shows where to place the flannel pieces. I used four pieces; one under the hoop 

and three on top, all cut to the same sizes. Five layers would probably be better. More full.

If you want to make chenille without having an embroidery program, just layer your flannel layers the same way: one face down and four face up.

The chenille ITH design creates diagonal rows of stitches. You can do the same on your own.

After channel stitching is complete, it's time to slice all but the bottom row of flannel using the chenille cutter. You can cut them with scissors, but the Olfa cutter is much easier.

Dial the cutter to the proper width of your channels and insert the foot in the end of one channel. Hold the edge and slide the cutter along the channel to slice flannel.