Fleece Neck Roll Cover with Contour Cut-Outs

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I like quick.

I like quick-to-stitch designs and quick-to-sew projects.  The fleece neck roll cover is quick in both regards.  I used the larger size of Contour Cut-Outs and the design still only took 20 minutes to stitch.  The cover took about the same amount of time to make, once the embroidery was done.  It would have taken even less time, but I stopped to take photographs for the lesson available here.  A fabric that ravels would require a little more time for seam finishing.

finished neck roll

Did I surprise you by not using variegated thread?  I instead chose the copper color thread because I thought it would look very nice on the cream colored fleece.  The fleece was not very plush so it needed the high contrast thread for a striking look.

close up of embroidery

I recently bought some Badgemaster soluble stabilizer and decided to try it for this project.  It worked fine.  I trimmed the stabilizer close to the stitching.  The remainder will wash out in the laundry.

You will need:

1. Contour Cut-Outs Alphabets
2. 60” wide fleece:  1/3 yard.
3. Pattern tracing material:  11” x 25” piece.
4. 14” x 6” diameter neck bolster pillow form.
5. Thread.
6. Embroidery thread.
7. Soluble or Cutaway Stabilizer

neck roll package

Have fun with this project.  It is so quick that you'll want to make neck roll covers for everyone on your gift list.  Stock up on the bolster pillow forms during 50% sales and your gifts will be complete.

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Fun project.  Is there a particular place to buy the pillow inserts?



I know you meant to write something but it appeared as a dotted line.  Can you please post again?

Thanks, LaRue.

You can find the pillow inserts at fabric stores.  I didn't see that shape the last time I went to Walmart, but my store may have been out of them.

A rolled up batting can also work, if you can't find the bolster.  I would recommend making an inner cover so the outer cover can be easily removed for laundering.


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The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Look Who is Aware Now❣ - And, a space saving tip!

The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Look Who is Aware Now❣ - And, a space saving tip!

As many of my readers know, I have an Autistic Grandson, Mason.  I was in Phoenix to see him just this last weekend and again, I see a beautiful child with so much to give to the universe, when the universe is watching. . .

Mason has taught me more in 9 years than I have learned in the 72 years of life. It is not that I am ignorant, but he sees things so differently that one can only stand by in amazement and see what he sees. Here is one of his ‘drawings’ of things that interest him. He can read, write, do math and ride a bike. Since he is ‘non-verbal,’ that means you must look to see these.


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Need a place for all your fabric that has become the stash that ate Brooklyn??? I saw this on Pinterest and was so excited that I started right away to create my own 'visible' stash.

I do have a filing cabinet that is not completely full. I have been tossing things out carefully for about 2 months. Even if you don't have a lot of space, some space will be a great place to begin finding your favorite fabrics and encourage paper destruction as the same time, what a deal!!

Using the 'hanging' file folder holders, I placed two folded pieces over the front of the hanging folder and kept the front of the fabric off of the bottom of the drawer. If there was too much fabric to fold in half, I refolded for the extra to be inside of the hanging folder. The person on Pinterest cut them in half. I thought that was a waste and fabric needs a place too be inside the folder. 

Check it out!!

See you next time, Pat
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