The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Decorating with Flowery Pillows

I am not much of a decorator. I love to see what others have done but for myself, I would buy 10 items that I love but not one of them would go with another.  I have a purple thumb because I hit it with a hammer in a vain attempt to put something up on a wall. Thank God for the heavy duty sticky tape.

I actually can toss a pillow on the sofa but it would likely be out of place and not coordinating with anything else in the room.  Fortunately, when it comes to toss pillows, there are few if any rules!!

This is my idea of something that is really classic and I decided to attempt my own version of it for my living room (look out Martha Stewart, I may end up in jail too.)



I favor the second pillow because I would likely get wrinkles (more of them) if I were to use it as a pillow for my head. . . It is just for showing not laying.

With all that ruffling, this one will likely cost a lot more money than I am willing to part with. So, here is my version of a pillowcase for beautiful and creative crafting. I put some wedding petals from Walmart, a little bit of embroidery and some shiny things to make me smile.

I first did the layout circle and pinned the petals, which were folded to give a little softness, to that circle. I sewed the circle with the petals twice and trimmed the inside of the petals.

Then I did the satin stitch in a metallic thread. I really did like how it was turning out. As I was placing the gems in the center, I felt there could be multiple items inside that circle such as, names and dates, a simple embroidery saying or design.  I did not glue down the gems because I was still making up my mind.

I am going to use an old pillowcase and sew this fabric into that already made, ready to toss it on the sofa or a chair.

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LOVE this!

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