Combining Stabilizers Successfully

I used to think that if you had to use two layers of stabilizer, you weren't using the right kind of stabilizer. That isn't necessarily true, especially when it comes to combining different types of stabilizers.

I was stitching a monogram on a quilted flannel bib. Should have been pretty straightforward, right?

The project was stitched completely in the hoop on a fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer.

The stitching on the first one showed tension problems. Some of the bobbin thread showed and stitches were not consistent.

For the second one, I floated a piece of medium-weight tear-away under the hoop.

Clip the stabilizer close to the stitching. It's okay to leave it in the piece because it will help support the stitching and will soften with subsequent washings.

The stitching looked much better, but still showed some less-than perfect areas.