The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It's Valentine's Day. I have two Freebies this time!!

This morning I walked from my machine to my work area, about 3 feet, and forgot what I wanted from there. Am I the only one with this problem?? 

 Before I forget again, I saw a couple of YouTube items you might like to check out. The first is a lesson on how to use a Rotary Cutter. I have had little success using the rotary cutter, and I did learn a couple of tricks. 

 I have never been instructed on rotary cutters. I suppose that is why I don't have good results when using them. . .  This video is full of good ideas, and rotary cutters are not just for quilting, just 11 minutes of information, even a discussion about posture. 

 This one is a bit of information for those 'duck billed' scissors. Perhaps you already know these things, but 5:37 minutes of your time may refresh your memory for a video recap for applique scissors.   

One of my favorite scissors is one from Karen K. Buckley. The serrated blade (along with its standard blade) is terrific for better and straighter cuts. This video answers many questions and is well worth your time.  


For my Freebie(s) I am thinking about Valentine’s Day. There are those who are in love (or like), and some that have a different view of this day of the year. I am looking forward to Arbor Day, no commitments, no gifts, and no obligations!


Here are the two Freebies, I really hope one of them is just right for you! 


I used red fabric for the background, placed lace over it, and at the cut line, I cut out the CENTER. The overlay on the bottom fabric can be anything you like, just contrasting with your bottom fabric. Then I finished the sew out and added a bow. Sorry for the poor photo. It looks so much better in person. 

Here is another version, it is the same embroidery as the one above but the words are different.


Please note: Due to my computer doing strange things, the photos and the design may have small differences. That will in no way deter the design from being very useful for you. 

You can and do make the world a better place. You definitely do make mine brighter. Thank you for stopping by. 

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