All About Applique Part 2

In our second part of All About Applique, we are going to discuss several options:  three ways to precut your applique, cutting options, selecting fabrics and using heat transfer vinyl.  In the previous blog post, All About Applique part 1, we discussed how to prepare your fabric with Exquisite FuseMe Fusible Web.  This is an important first step for wrinkle-free, long-lasting applique.  And this also helps when precutting.  Also, the design collection used in these methods is Just Jackets by Joanne Banko Design Collection.

So, let’s discuss the cutting options and how to precut your applique.  So, the first way is to trim in the hoop.  For this option, 1) stitch the placement line, 2) place fabric over placement line and stitch tack down, 3) trim close to stitching, and 4) finish stitching.  In this example, the fabric selected is a piece of lace and to help with show through, another piece of fabric was placed behind it.  Be careful when cutting the two layers of fabric as you don’t want to cut into the host or background fabric.

Now, let’s look at the precutting methods.  The first one we want to discuss is precutting with a stitched template.  This is a technique you might not have thought of doing, but as you will see it is simple and easy.  Listen in as Ashley Jones, DIME Educator, and Joanne Banko, Let’s Go Sew, share how to precut with a stitched template.

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Did you like the stitched template?  How many of you thought it was a good idea?  It is a great option if you don’t have adhesive template paper or a digital cutter.

The second method is precut with a printed template.  You will print a template.  We like to use our Print and Stick Target Paper as it makes an adhesive template.  Next, place template on fabric.  Last, cut it out.

The last method is precut with a digital cutter.  You will need a cut file like svg or fcm for your digital cutter.  Follow the steps according to manufacturer’s directions for your specific digital cutter.  Just prepare your fabric and place on the cutting mat, load into your cutter, and cut.  Don’t forget to do a test cut!

In all these methods, a variety of fabrics can be used, including heat transfer vinyl as the applique fabric.  Be sure to remove the shiny layer before stitching the vinyl in place.

There are many options for your applique, so pick the one that best suits your needs.  Maybe it will be different depending on how many appliques you are doing.  If you are doing lots of small pieces or intricate pieces, a digital cutter may be the best option.  But if only doing one applique, trim in the hoop or cutting with a printed template or stitched template may be best.  Maybe you will try all the options and find a new favorite.  Whatever you decide, it will be lots of fun!

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