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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Saving Money And, A lovely Tree to enjoy.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Saving Money And, A lovely Tree to enjoy.

It’s always of interest to save money. Those of us who have lived through tough times know that small savings add up. Keeping that habit during the good and bad economies makes the best sense.

Here are a few items that I have observed from the Dollar Stores, the 99 Cents Stores, and other stores. Being careful to select the best quality is a trait that will serve you quite well.

These stores have had to add items above the $1.00 range, but they still are a treasure just the same!

I like to add little items to my embroidery that create extra interest. For instance, I will place a small flower in the midst of a bouquet I have just sewn. I might put a bow on a gift for a birth announcement. Or place some rhinestones for designs headed for a wall hanging. Giving a third dimension to embroidery is addicting! 


A simple and inexpensive method to adhere to your project. Remember to use glue on your stabilizer in a position where it will avoid the needle. They all say 'it does not gum up your needle.' But you know better!  I do try to avoid where the needle will make a hole, and I also spray a little silicon on my index finger and thumb and rub it on my needle. Remember that while 'oil' will leave a residue that will collect lint, dust and other particles. Silicon does not leave anything behind. It dries clear and only leaves a 'slick' surface. 

You likely have some of this tape in your medicine cabinet. It is that self-adhering 'bandage' that doctors use on everything that ails you. This is also found at the Dollar Store(s).  

Here are a few items for embellishments I got from the Dollar Store. I am out of tiny silk flowers, but the rest of these are often found on my projects. I like to bring a little shiny or outstanding items to my designs. 

For me, the most frustrating issue is that I can never find a clear area to hoop my fabric and stabilizer. Enter the 99 cent store - pick up one of the foam boards that are used for presentations. They are usually about 1/4" (6mm) thick. You can cut the board into 2 parts and duct-tape them together. Then, with the neoprene placemats you got at that same store, tape down a single placemat and you now have a great hooping station. Hide it behind a door or piece of furniture for safe keeping.    

For the Freebie this time, I selected something that can take advantage of some embellishment. 

My Freebie is a bare tree with a tire swing. After embroidering it, you can use paint, from the same store, a cotton ball, or old clean rag, or even a brush to paint on 3 or 4 colors for the leaves. I sort of made my tree an autumn beauty. After all, the colors and sparkles that I used are my own interpretation of that tree! 

I did add a moon and a few stars. As you paint, you can paint over a section of the moon for an interesting option. Add a few sparkling items for stars, and your creativity will shine through very well.

I am feeling that the last few years have been extra challenging and likely with more to come. Making us laugh calls for a Professional! Who knows more about humans than - - Will Rogers!! So, here is one of his best, IMHO, jokes - 

Will died in an airplane crash.  Born: November 4, 1879 - Died: August 15, 1935, and 87 years later, he is still as relevant as ever. 
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