All About Applique Part 1

In All About Applique part 1, we will discuss using Exquisite FuseMe Fusible Web on our appliques, and work with DIME Patch and Applique Maker Software.  We will cover e-stitch, satin and raw edge tips, getting wrinkle-free, long-lasting applique, and covering every edge for professional results.  So, let’s dive in.

First, how do you know when to use a fusible web on your applique?  Well, most appliques will benefit from using a fusible web.  But here are a few specific appliques, such as, when there is a large letter, like “W”, with open spaces on host fabric.  Another place is when there are complex fills and satin stitches in the applique.  If the applique fabric tends to ravel or fray, using fusible web keeps the edges clean.  There are many more reasons to use a fusible web.

Here is an example of the large letter on the back of a jean jacket.  Listen in as Eileen talks about using Exquisite FuseMe Fusible Web.


Next, let’s look at a great tip for raw edge applique.  Trim the fabric around the bean stitch first and then press the fabric with fusible web.  If you press the fabric first, then it will be difficult to trim away the excess fabric.

Precut your applique pieces and fuse the FuseMe Fusible Web to wrong side for best results when covering applique with an E-stitch or blanket stitch.  If you have Patch and Applique Maker Software, then you can change easily from a satin stitch to E-stitch.  You will want to change the inset % to 100 and remove the Tack down.

Another big topic pertaining to applique is whether to Trim in the hoop vs. Precut applique.  Most applique designs are created to be trim in the hoop.  How do we know this?  You can look at the design in Patch and Applique Maker Software and see in the properties box that the applique width is 4.0, inset % is 50, and Tack down is a run stitch.

If you prefer to have precut applique, then you can change it in the software.  When it is a precut applique, then the applique width is 3.5, inset % is 75, and Tack down is a zigzag stitch.  If you choose to have a precut applique and you also have a cutting machine, then you can click on the Cutter icon and easily create a cutting file.  Send to your machine and easily precut the applique shape.  So simple and easy!

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