Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Gift

If my embroidery gifts are not - quick, easy and inexpensive, I am not going to do them.  Year round, there are great reasons to give items that we create with pride. 

I don't want to keep giving the same things over and over again.  How boring is that?  Furthermore, I want the gift to be reflective of their tastes, not mine.  After selling embroidery products since January 2005 - 9 years - I know that what I think is super is a yawn for others and vice versa.  Another aspect I was looking for was that the candle not be holiday related. I often use candles any time it is cool/cold. My project this time is a candle sleeve. 

I thought about all the different fabrics that I could use:

  • burlap for the recipients that enjoy a casual lifestyle
  • a child's pattern of fabric - I am going to be using the 'flameless' type of candle - this would make a WONDERFUL NIGHT LIGHT
  • a voile for a more elegant appearance
  • lace fabric for a fancy tablescape

Then, I was thinking of the type of glass (or plastic) container I would like to present:

  • a Mason jar - available at hardware and many craft stores
  • a clear candle holder - the 99 cents stores have them
  • an interesting glass or antique type of jar
  • a flameless candle that comes in so many different sizes

I will probably place some embellishments with the fabric/embroidery:

  • Any thing that sparkles, including metallic thread
  • Any thing that I have around the craft area (lots of things there)
  • Any thing that may be of interest to the recipient
  • hot fix crystals (really fun on a mason jar with burlap!)
  • bows, purchased or of my creation
  • glitter for a small amount of gleam
  • small trinkets like stones from an earring that has lost its mate (never toss jewelry, place it together with your sewing findings)

Well, you get the idea.  I am using a flameless candle and some lace fabric.  In this case, after completion, I could see that it was entirely too loose.

I want a candle that won't be put away with the holiday decorations.  I decided on a really nice design that I found right here:


I also love this one, when you find the dog, you just have to laugh!


As you can see from the second photo above, the fabric caused a lot of puckering.  I felt that the 'flaw' made it look more dimensional, so I loved it as is.  But, in the future, I would definitely use something sheer but more sturdy.

I cut my fabric and Badgemaster to fit the candle.  I left the Badgemaster a little longer and all I had to do was wet one side and attach the other end and - voila - I have a sturdy bond.  A little glue for the net and it is secure.

 I added a black bow at the top and bottom and placed them with other candles. 

A second discovery was that I may have used a resizing program for the sleigh and horse.  It really was too long to appreciate as is. 

The last few projects I have done have been not exactly as I might have wanted them.  These are really 'discovery sew' items.  I considered if I should only show you 'perfect' items, or would it be more beneficial for me to show what I learn and perhaps you have a critique as well.  I am fine with showing you what I would have changed.  We can learn from each other this way. 

Lastly, from all of us here at AnnTheGran, we wish each of you and yours good health and joy for the New Year and many more to come. 

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Great idea for weddings, too!

WOW, sewblest, what a great idea.

There are so many things one can do to change this.  Colors and candles are so much fun to work with.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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