Don’t Delete Your Extra Embroidery Design Files

When cataloging and arranging your embroidery files, you may be tempted to delete the other formats that are not native to your machine. Take heed. You may end up with a new embroidery machine that uses a different format. Plus, it won’t free up enough space to bother.

According to, the average photo taken with your smartphone is about 2 megabites. That is HUGE compared to your machine embroidery files.

Sometimes, when downloading designs, you get several common embroidery machine formats. While it may look like It takes up a lot of disc space, it doesn’t.

I use VP3 format. If you look at these file sizes, they are tiny, between 3 and 7 kilobytes for each design. A megabyte consists of 1000 kilobytes. At that rate, you could save approximately 400 embroidery design files in the same space it would take to hold one smartphone photo.

Of course, specifics depend upon resolution and a number of other variables but you get the picture.

If you insist on deleting other embroidery design formats, consider saving the DST files as they can often be used if your native file format becomes corrupt for whatever reason. Make sure that you do not delete any folders that hold PDF or JPG files. PDFs usually contain the directions and color charts for designs while JPG files may also show instructions or photos of the stitched design.

Debbie SewBlest

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Thank you so much for this! I am new to embroidery and wasn’t sure what to do with all those files. It is confusing to me how it all works. More blogs on this subject, please!

Thanks for reading, lindaingp!

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