Keeping It Simple - Halloween Decor

Today I just want to share another addition to the Halloween décor for my daughter's fireplace display.  We made a banner and a covered brick earlier in this blog.  There needed to be more so we looked around and she saw a door quilt that she liked.  It featured ghosts flying around a moon.  Halloween comes and goes so fast that I could not get excited about making a quilt - even a small one.  But I had a big oval hoop that we had grabbed up at a garage sale last year just waiting to be used as a frame for something.  Our finished display is very different from the quilted inspiration but we think it will be great for the look she is trying to create.  Here is what I did with that old hoop  and a few quickly created designs:


I am happy to share the ghost, moon and star appliqués.  You can download them below.

What you need to create a similar project:

Background fabric larger than your chosen frame

Four 6"X7"rectangles of white fabric

One 6" square for the moon

Four 3" squares for the stars

Medium Tearaway stabilizer

Embroidery Thread

Appliqué snips

Spray starch or Best Press

Ghost, Moon and Star appliqué designs (Click here to download the one we made)

Printed Templates for placement (You can print these in most embroidery software programs including Alphabet Xpress and Catalog Xpress)

What you need to do:

1.  Press your background fabric.  Decide how you want them placed and pin in place.  Starch your rectangles and squares.  We like Best Press starch alternative.

2.  Hoop a rectangle of stabilizer and the background fabric centering the first ghost template in the hoop.   Remove the template.

3.  For best results use a bobbin with the same color thread as you will be using for the third color.  Embroider the first color. 

4.  Slide a rectangle of white fabric over the embroidered outline making sure the stitches are completely covered.  (You can adhere the corners with Lapel Stick if you desire but since we had starched the fabric we didn't.)  Sew the second color.

5.  Carefully remove the hoop and lay on a flat surface.  Using the appliqué snips trim closely around the outside of the stitching. 

6.  Place the hoop back on the machine and embroider the third thread color.  Sew the ghost eyes using the same color as you used for the third color.  Remove from the hoop and remove the excess stabilizer from the back. 

7.  Repeat these steps for each appliqué.

8.  Secure your finished Ghost layout in the frame of your choice and add to your Halloween display.

If you love to quilt, and have the time, these designs would make a cute Halloween door quilt.  Or use them to add a Halloween touch to snack bags (see this blog), pillows or a runner.  Add the free BOO from this blog or the free spider from this one.  Whatever you do with them please share your creation in the Annthegran gallery.

We have one more addition to make - pumpkin wraps each with one word TRICK OR TREAT.  We will just create the words in Alphabet Xpress and sew them on strips of fabric.  Pink around the strips and pin around the pumpkins.  That should complete her fireplace décor before the gathering.  Now we just need a little spare time to get this last bit sewn. 

Happy Halloween and take care,


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This is so cute. I agree with you. Halloween is such a short time, I cannot get excited over a quilt for it either. SOOOOOO... start in Sept. Think about it. They start Thanksgiving when school starts, Christmas before Halloween gets here.... just start Halloween in Sept. lol

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