Fun With Split Fonts

Split fonts are so much fun and so very versatile. You can get entire sets this month for just $2.99!


Monograms are all the rage. Here are some examples of what you can do to make stunning split-letter split-letter monograms that stand out in the crowd.


Split Applique


Split Script Font


Add a last name. Insert a wedding date or birth date in the open loop areas of the monogram. Mix script fonts with clean, linear fonts.


A design editing program like Embrilliance allows you to add text easily. The fonts inside the split should be small and easy to read. Although you can resize designs and fonts in Embrilliance, it is recommended to not enlarge or reduce sizes more than 20%.

First names are popular. Mix script fonts with block letters. This script font is actually too large for the split monogram but you get the idea.