The Avid Embroiderer Presents-Recognizing The People of the Ukraine's Spirit! My Freebie Salutes that Peace, Bravery & Hope for Them

Years ago there was a comedy called "The Mouse That Roared." It comically showed what might happen if a small country was invaded by a powerful country and won the war. While it was satire, I feel the sheer guts of these heroic people are amazing. 

I personally am supporting them by donating to several worthy causes. 

For my Freebie, I have recreated a simile of the Flag and a Dove of Peace for the accent. 

Be sure to use a heavy stabilizer for this design. The number of stitches, solidly covering the design demands at least a medium to heavyweight cutaway stabilizer. For this project, I personally used 2 layers of cut away stabilizer. Additionally, I recommend that you put a fresh bobbin in because removing and replacing the hoop can interfere with the placement of the design. 

I have done the Freebie in both 4x4 and 5x7 sizes. 

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