Keeping It Simple – Narrow Holiday Runner

Do you have unfinished projects from past years?  I do.  I am always inspired at the beginning of the holidays and have lots of ideas.  Then it seems the season always gets hectic and some of the things I start just do not get finished.  So, this year I decided to finish those items that had been forgotten in years past.  They are just laying around waiting for the attention they deserve.  After all, they were good ideas and I was excited when I began them.  So, determined not to be enticed by new ideas, I have placed them all where I can see them. 

A matching runner was on the list way back when I made these stockings and framed letters. 

I had fallen in love with these reindeer designs and they were already sewn and waiting.  The fabric was already cut out as well.  It had just never been sewn together.   Somewhere, through the years, I had lost one red print rectangle so my final runner is shorter than originally designed.  I used the remaining red print rectangle to make a candle jar wrap.  I will share the design that I used on the wrap below.   Here is the finished piano display:


What you need to make this runner:

2 rectangles white cotton fabric 9" X 12" or larger

From base fabric

1 rectangle 11"X 8"

2 rectangles 6"X 8"

2 Strips 41" X 2"

Backing rectangle 41" X 10"

Reindeer embroidery designs (here and here)

Cutaway stabilizer

Embroidery thread

Sewing thread

Velcro for the candle jar wrap

Lapel Stick - optional

What you do:

1.        Embroider your designs on the white cotton fabric.  Then recut to 11" X 8".


2.       Place embroidered rectangle face up.  Place the 11" X 8" face down and align raw edges along 8" side that you want to face the center of your runner.   Using ½" seam sew along matched edge.  Open and press seam towards the center rectangle.   Repeat for other embroidered rectangle and other side of center rectangle.


3.       Open and lay face up on flat surface.  Place a 6" X 8" rectangle face down and align edge with the outside 8" edge of the embroidered rectangle.  Using ½" seam sew along the matched edge.  Open and press the seam towards the outside rectangle.  Repeat for the other 6" X 8" rectangle and other embroidered rectangle.


4.       Open, press and lay face up on flat surface.  Place one 41" strip face down and align with top edge.  Pin.  Using ½" seam sew along the matched edge.  Open and press seam towards the outside.  Repeat with the other 41" strip aligning with the bottom edge.


5.       Open and press all seams flat.  Place face up on flat surface.  Place backing rectangle face down and align all edges.  Using ½" seam sew all the way around leaving a 5" opening at the bottom to turn.


6.       Clip corners and turn right side out.  Press all the edges, pressing the raw edges to the inside of the opening.  Top stitch 1/8" from edge all the way around the runner.


7.       Stitch in the ditch around the inside of the embroidered rectangles.


To make the candle jar wrap:

Download the Joy to the World design here.

1.        Measure the height and add 1".  Measure around and add 3". Cut a rectangle this size.

2.       Fold in ½" and fold again ½" all the way around.  Press.

3.       Hem close to the inner edge of the folds all the way around.

4.       Center and hoop your rectangle with desired stabilizer.  (I had to hoop the stabilizer and adhere my rectangle using my Lapel Stick.)  Embroider the design. (This design takes a 5"X7" hoop).  Remove from hoop and remove excess stabilizer.

5.       Cut a Velcro strip to size.  Sew the rough side of the Velcro to the inside of one wrap edge.  Wrap and mark the right side where you need the soft side Velcro to go.  Sew the soft side Velcro in place.


I have two more reindeer sewn out that were slotted for holiday pillow covers.  I hope to get them done next week.  We will see.  I have a tree skirt that I started for my daughter last year that is also sitting there.  And a set of mug mats.  And ...

Anyway, if you complete any projects for the Holidays, old or new, please share them in Ann's Gallery here

Take care,


I know Halloween is past but here are the costumes we did this year for our girls:

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Your home decor designs are so classy!

I am much the same when it comes to Christmas pieces. I have great intentions as the season begins, but it may take a year or two to complete some of them!


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