The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Who gave stripes the boot? And, just for you, a design you will use often.

The other day, while out shopping, I spotted a casual t-shirt that was striped and embroidered. It dawned on me that I had not seen that combination before. I had only seen solid shirts that are embroidered.

I selected ‘novelty t-shirts’ in Google to check out a variety of shirts. A random page, with approximately 350 shirts, had just 2 of them being striped. Why are stripes being treated as a second-class citizen??

Well, I knew there was a blog in there somewhere. Well, stripe lovers of the world unite! Here is my contribution –

The original shirt is very striking, they have used sparkles and acrylic flat back stones for interest. I think the thread used was likely 30 weight because the stitching seems to be a little more dense. The white (the camera on my phone looks like it is on its last clicks) is really very pretty, even against the white stripes

I noticed that the stones were not always placed correctly. However, it is not noticeable unless you are right up to the fabric. But, that seems to show that exact locations are not always needed for a great design. I like the layout and effect.

I also love the edging on the neck, small rick-rack will be perfect for this project. Be sure to use a ball point needle. It pushes the fabric away rather than slicing the threads. Slicing will cause runs.

For stabilizer, make sure to use a soft cut-away stabilizer that doesn't stretch and has a soft hand. A cut-away is always used to hold the stitches in place after the project is done. After all, washing and wearing does take a toll on those stitches. Trim the stabilizer with a wide border, then use a small scissor to cut closer to the details. Use a top, water soluble stabilizer for the stitches to sit on 'top' of the fabric rather than have them sink.

After the project is complete, you may want to use a "Baby-soft-iron-on" for the back. It covers the stitches with a soft material that feels good on your skin.

If I sound a little like I am pushing stabilizers, believe me, stabilizers are so key to a perfect project, you cannot over stabilize, short of creating a 'bullettproof' / 'castiron' don't short change their importance.

I would have used Swarovski embellishments. This kit is a whole set and conveniently packaged.

If you already have the tools, you can select just the stones.

This homage to Teachers is just one of the great bargains:

Here is my freebie for this blog. I am emulating, not copying, the design on the t-shirt as shown above. I want to be paid for my efforts and work, and copyrights help protect you and me.

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Did you see the Sale on Dakota Collectibles?

With 20 designs in each collection and most of them $19.95, that is a real bargain. I saw things in this "Toddler" collection that would be fun for adults as well:  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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