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I have thought about this idea for a long time. In looking at my draft blog ideas, the first time I created this idea was in 9/2020. No rush on this one, but I could not think of how to make it unique, interesting, and awesome. I think I have the answer.

You have no doubt seen hand embroidery in wooden hoops on walls. Of course, machine embroidery can do the same. But I wanted something a little more cutting edge. I hope I managed to get close to that goal. 
Current styles have been mostly on canvas, burlap, and possibly some sort of brocade. They are terrific but I had my eye on fabrics like voile, sparkling lightweight satin, and even see-through plastics. 
In other words, I want to see the depth of the design through the width of the hoop. 

So, think outside the box, skip the samplers, make a new statement. 

The roses shown in this example are done by using extra thread interwoven into the design. The rose in my Freebie is also done in a 3D style with extra threads puffing it up as well. 

I do appreciate your coming by to see my work and hopefully, especially enjoy the Freebie. I particularly love the part that says "she" two times. You may delete that color and with your own program, rewrite it to say "he". 
You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

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flavianamerigo 1/30/2022 6:11:33 AM

Non so inglese e non sono capace di tradurre ringrazio comunque!!!!

I don't know Italian. However, check here:   It will translate my response and I will try to answer your question.  

I did use the English to Italian translation ( to read your note.

I am delighted to make your friendship!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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