Monogrammed Napkins Tutorial

Amazing Designs: Monogrammed Napkins Tutorial

Monogram a napkin for every guest at your next dinner party. It’s the perfect way to personalize a seat and makes a great party favor. MonogramIt! from Amazing Designs has numerous fonts to choose from so you can customize every napkin to match each guest’s style.

Skill Level: Easy 

 Created by: Diane Kron, Software and Embroidery Project Manager


Baby Lock® Ellisimo Gold II sewing and embroidery machine 

Monogram It! from Amazing Designs® 

Stabilize It! Tear-Away Stabilizer med wt. from Amazing Designs 

Purchased waffle weave hand towels 

Madeira® embroidery threads 

Temporary spray adhesive 


1. Open the Amazing Designs App on your desktop and follow the next set of steps: 

  • To place the hoop on the workspace, select the Tool tab and click on Select Hoop. Select the 200mm x 200mm hoop. 
  • Click on the Monogram It! tab on the top toolbar.
  • Click on the Monogram Maker icon. 
  • Click anywhere on the workspace to open the Text Input field. 
  • Under Type select 2-letter monogram. 
  • Type in your initials in the Font field. In the sample “JW” was used. 
  • From the dropdown Font menu, select the Albany font or any other font that has a script look. 
  • Change the Height to 35mm and click OK. 
  • Right click on the red box. When the selection boxes turn green you can move the letter independently from the other letter. Overlap the selected letter over the letter on the left . If you need one of the letters resized, it is easy to size each of the letters independently from each other by clicking on the top left or the bottom right corner. The other two corners will allow you to rotate the design as desired. 

2. Click on File Save As a working file format (blf) and then save as the format that your machine will read. 

3. Hoop the Stabilize It! Tear-Away stabilizer and lightly spray with the temporary spray adhesive. Determine the placement of the design. In the sample, the 

design is placed 1½” from the bottom edge. Place the napkin in the hoop and finger press to secure. 

4. Set the machine up for embroidery and retrieve the monogram design. Embroider the design. 

5. Remove the stabilizer from the back of the piece. 

6. Repeat for the remaining napkins. 

The above project pdf file is available for Download Here.


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