The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Tips for Buying an Embroidery Machine (Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd). And a Freebie for the Summer of 2021

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Tips for Buying an Embroidery Machine (Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd). And a Freebie for the Summer of 2021

There are a few things that may not be obvious when buying your first or next embroidery machine.


I truly wish someone had discussed some ideas/tips with me as I purchased any embroidery machine, this can apply to used cars too. 


1. When going to a store, take a friend, and have a signal to leave. Stores work ridiculously hard to sell you. They often keep talking and walking, they are like used car salespersons. Have help to leave. That does not mean you cannot return to buy, and upon returning, clearly state a $ amount your husband gave you. Make it less than the machine you are interested in.

2. Make that offer at least 15 to 20% off. There is a HUGE markup on these machines. Believe me, they make very good money. You won't find much in the way of pricing on the Internet. Save your money! Researching pricing is difficult at best.


3. The number of designs, fonts, and monograms included with the machine are of little or no value after you have used them to learn and practice with. Don't get excited over a big number in those items.


4. Buy the best machine you can truly afford. Most embroiders begin with something like the Brother PE800 and keep upgrading to new machines as they find their enjoyment in this craft. If you aren't excited about it after a 30–90-day trial, your investment won't be too large. The PE800 is around $500 at Walmart (but they don't have training!!) A dealership usually gets $700 and up to around $1,000 for this machine. Bargain with them - A LOT!

. It is ok to accept 'goodies' but remember, they also have a big markup. Don't worry about being 'too demanding.'  Don’t stop thinking about walking to the door!! They have tons of more practice than you do at completing the sale. And, if they give you thread, keep in mind that these things can sit on a shelf, tossed around, and get 'dry.'

. Make sure there is training - at absolutely NO CHARGE. Learning the basics takes time and commitment. And, going from a single to a multiple needle has a learning curve that is very high.


7. I have a LOT MORE TIPS in my blogs. I have been doing them since May 2005, yes over 16 years!! Check me out, 

Just left-click on "The Avid Embroiderer" at the top of the screen. There are lots of Freebies as well. (Freebies are designs that are free and can be a great way to build up a nice design library.)

Make a comment here at my blog to ask questions. I love to give opinions and others do as well. There are no dumb questions, believe me, I have tried!


Your money belongs in your pocket keep it there to buy more thread and designs (LOL)! 

In your new machine, you will find an assortment of monograms that are professionally digitized. 

We may all recognize that the grim events in Florida have affected a lot of people. I wanted to acknowledge and create this design to mark this time of shocking and dire events for so many people, family, friends, and those of us who feel this pain. 

You could use this at any time. I encourage you to use colors that "pop off the fabric." You don't need to use my suggestions!

Compassion is not encouraged enough. The Dalai Lama said - 

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. 

If you want to be happy, practice compassion." 


My readers are all so beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for joining me. Enjoy this summer, there has never been one exactly like it before. 

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I created this blog in 2021, the information has stood the test of time. These things still will assist you to get the machine YOU want and hopefully at a reasonable price.
Truly, the sales people are very high pressure, helpful, & looking for a nice commission.
It is good to patronize them, you want them to be in business when you need them!! But take care of your well-being first.
The Avid Embroiderer,

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