The Avid Embroiderer Presents - You've admired Shu Embroidery, And a Turkey Day laugh

You have seen Shu Embroidery for years. It is so beautiful with its many facets, including special fabric a natural blend of silk & rayon finished with an elegant soft shine. The threads used are normally silk creating something really special to see. 

Brocade is the name of a woven fabric that creates the appearance of having been embroidered. These are often seen in upholstery fabrics, special occasion gowns & grand fabrics to decorate your home. 

What is Shu embroidery?  Sichuan embroidery is also called Shu embroidery and Sichuan is called Shu for short.

Here are some examples of this elegant work. 

You can almost feel the soft texture of the fabric & see the silk threads in vibrant colors. The subjects are often nature, including flowers, animals & especially birds. 

Brocade is the cornerstone of this art. The stitches are made to be fuller than normal embroidery. Brocade is defined as "a rich fabric woven with a raised pattern, typically with gold or silver thread." It is made to appear to be embroidery. 

Actual embroidery mimics that brocade. It is art imaging life.

Someone elses dressing 7x5 16k 10 color The Avid (314.8KB)

Someone elses dressing 7x5 16k 10 color The Avid (314.8KB)

As the days get shorter, and needs get more glaring, take a moment to count your blessings. Thank you for joining me today, I appreciate your stopping by. If you leave a comment, I enjoy that very much! Thank you!
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