The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Can you embroider on a framed canvas? This Freebie will assist you if you want canvas.

I have jokingly said that someday we will be embroidering on a spider web! Someone will figure that one out, just not me. . . 

I was thinking about wall-hanging pictures. One way to add elegance to your home would be to embroider on a framed canvas. You also see those "canvases" in Art Galleries, Museums, and homes. The canvas never goes out of style, DaVinci, Rembrandt, and all the "old masters" used canvas, & the work survives, commands attention, & lots of dollars! 

Classic ways to display your, your children's, and your family's artwork deserve a grand setting to show it off. 

Here are some items you will need:
  • An empty wall space where your embroidery project can be seen & appreciated.
  • A framed canvas that should leave about 2"+ on each side, the bottom can be 3"+ wide. I like the effect of a lot of matt relative to your embroidery.
  • Corral a couple of canvases' for the children (include an older child, too!). Their work will be placed on the side(s) of your project, which creates a family gallery. You can ask a neighbor's child for their input if your house doesn't have a child. 
  • Decide if you want to paint the canvas or leave it white. Many museum-style works are done in a light beige, so they don't compete with the picture. 
  • LED lamps aimed at each work of art!
  • I created a patch type of embroidery for this project There is no way to put the canvas on your embroidery machine. I usually glue the patch & canvas together. 

For my project on canvas, I select a design and possibly do a circle, oval or square to define the design.

For the Freebie this time, I have created two outer rings for displaying your embroidery. Due to hoop size limits, I made a circle and a square at 4x4" (100mmx100mm) to fit in your hoop easily. Most of the programs for embroidery will allow for sizing changes. 

Your layout could be even better! Make sure there are places for more artwork to be displayed. 
For the Peace Bird, bottom center, 

Thanks to their exceptional durability, the absence of UV rays, and impressive energy efficiency, LED lamps are truly the optimal solution to light museums and art galleries cultural heritage.

I hope your holidays were warm and happy. With the weather, it is amazing anyone was able to travel if you can call all those flights' cancellations traveling. Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

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